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Parents' Association

About the Fay Parents' Association

Fay School's Parents’ Association offers parents an opportunity to become involved in the life of the school community through its support of important programs and activities. If your child is currently a student at Fay, you are automatically a member of the PA. Welcome!

Parents' Association FAQs

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  • What is the Fay Parents’ Association?

    The Parents’ Association offers parents an opportunity to become involved in the life of the school community through its support of important programs and activities such as Parents' Weekend, the Holiday Reception, Grandparents’ Day, Cultural Arts Programs, the Taste of Nations International Dinner, and the spring Ice Cream Social.
    The PA also provides support for teachers and helps to meet classroom needs through the Room Parent program and supports new and existing families through the New Family Mentor and Helping Hands programs.
    Fundraising efforts organized by the PA allow the organization to give back to the School and students each year and include school store sales, Mooseduds and Moosegear (donated dress-code clothing and sports equipment) sales, and the biennial Spring Gala and Auction event.
    The PA Executive Board is comprised of a president, vice president, past president, secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer, and four managing vice presidents overseeing fundraising, hospitality, parent services, and student services. Officers are proposed by a nominating committee, which presents its slate for election at the spring PA meeting.
    The PA holds open parent meetings approximately seven times a year and encourages all Fay parents to attend. Open Executive Board meetings are held twice a year.
    The president of the Fay Parents’ Association for 2021-2022 is Katerina Antonopoulos '22, '27.
  • Whom do I contact to become involved in the Fay Parents’ Association?

    Welcome! We are so excited that you would like to volunteer with the Parents’ Association! If there is a specific event committee that you are interested in assisting with, please contact the managing vice president directly. A listing of the committees for 2021-2022 can be found on this web page. The managing vice presidents for this year are Jamie Haverty (Parent Services), Arpita Nag (Student Services), and Nikki Agu (Community Engagement).
    If you are not certain what you would like to do and want to let the Parents’ Association know your interest and availability, please feel free to contact Katerina Antonopoulos or Ami Mehr.

    To find the contact information for the parents listed above, please log into MyFay and select "Directory" from the top menu.
  • How long do the Open PA meetings last?

    The Open PA meetings typically last about an hour. On certain occasions they may be longer if there is a special speaker or presentation, and this will be noted on the website and in the Friday E-News. Zoom links will be available for parents who cannot attend in person, and links to these meetings will be sent to parents in the Friday E-News.
  • Where should I park when I attend the Open PA meetings?

    When attending the monthly Open PA meeting, please park in the parking spaces in Harlow Circle. You can also park in the Upjohn parking lot. After 8:00 a.m., you can park along the curb of Harlow Circle outside of the fire lanes. Please do not park on our neighbor’s grass. 
  • Are background checks required for parents who volunteer at Fay?

    Yes. A standard criminal and sexual offender background check is required for all parents who volunteer at Fay, whether as field trip chaperones, volunteers in the School Store, or in other capacities.  Please email Jennifer Alves in the Business Office at in order to initiate a volunteer background check.
  • How can I contact PA board and committee members?

    A list of the Parents' Association Officers can be found after logging into MyFay. After logging in, select "Resources" and then "Internal Resources."


Volunteer Opportunities

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  • School Store Volunteers

  • Mooseduds Volunteers

    For volunteer opportunities, please contact Rupa Tati or Alison Leflore. Most volunteers spend 1-2 hours per month sorting new donations and organizing inventory.
  • Helping Hands

    From time to time, members of the Fay community encounter situations in which a little help is needed: meals for a family experiencing a health issue or a hard time, transportation when a person is unable to drive, errands or other support in a special circumstance. The Parents’ Association coordinates support for families experiencing these kinds of situations through its Helping Hands committee. Some situations are of short duration, while others can be ongoing. Volunteers are asked to help, but no more than what they can comfortably and willingly do. If being a Helping Hands volunteer is something that interests you, please contact Valerie Clark for more information and/or to be added to the list of volunteers. If you were a volunteer last year, please also be in touch to confirm your interest in participating this year. As always, when we reach out, the rewards outweigh the work.

Volunteering at Fay? Don't Forget the CORI Check

All school volunteers working directly with children are required to complete a CORI background check every three years. Please download this form, complete and sign it, and return it directly to the Business Office. Contact Diane Byrne at with any questions.
CORI Consent Form

Support Fay

Shop on Campus

The School Store
The Fay School Store is located in the lower level of the Upjohn Building adjacent to the Picardi Arts Center and is a joint venture between the school and the Fay Parents' Association, with all proceeds going towards Fay. It provides sundries, toiletries, school supplies, and an ever-changing selection of Fay logo items and clothing to the Fay community. Most of the School Store's merchandise is also available online.

All parents are invited to check out the selection at Mooseduds, Fay School’s gently-used clothing resale shop located in the Camp Family Dining Room Building. Mooseduds sells Fay dress code clothing for children in Kindergarten through grade nine, including blazers (for boys and girls), dress shirts, skirts, belts, and ties. Mooseduds also carries a limited supply of Moosegear (gently used sports gear) that varies on a seasonal basis. As your child outgrows his or her school dress clothing, please consider donating these items to Mooseduds. Mooseduds hours vary, but they are listed in Fay School's E-News that is sent weekly during the school year and occasionally during the summer.

Retail Partners

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Open Parent Meetings - Schedule & Minutes

Stay tuned for minutes from the 2021-2022 school year!

Parents' Independent School Network

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