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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

Admission Events

2019-2020 On-Campus Admission Events

Classroom Visit Day
Wednesday, October 2

Open House
Sunday, November 3

Classroom Visit Day
Thursday, December 5

Classroom Visit Day for Day Students
Thursday, January 9

Classroom Visit Day
Wednesday, May 6
Can't attend one of these events? We are always happy to provide personal visits and tours of our school. Please call 508-490-8201 or email to schedule your visit and to learn more about Fay.

Off-Campus Admission Events

We are currently still planning our admission travel for the 2019-2020 school year. Please check back for updated event information.

2019-2020 U.S. Admission Events

Date Event Admission Contact
August 12 RIISE: Boarding School Networks On The Vineyard - Edgartown, MA Susan Mantilla-Goin
September 7 NJ Seeds Fair - Livingston, NJ* Jennifer Weeden
September 14 Black Parents Forum - Atlanta, GA Susan Mantilla-Goin
September 24 North Shore Secondary School Fair - Beverly, MA Jennifer Weeden
September 25 Parents League Boarding School Fair - New York, NY Jennifer Weeden

2018-2019 International Admission Events

If you are interested in attending one of the events listed above, or scheduling a private meeting while we are in your area, please call us at 508-490-8201 or email the admission contact listed by clicking on their name.

*Please note that events marked with an asterisk are private events that are not open to the public. These events are listed on the calendars in case one is in your area and you would like to schedule a private meeting with the team member in attendance. When we are traveling, we are always happy to meet with prospective families that are interested in learning more about Fay and our admission process.

**Please note that a current student or parent will be attending this event instead an admission team member. If you have any questions please email the admission contact associated with the event above.

Public Events

There is always something happening at Fay School! Throughout the year Fay hosts compelling speakers, Saturday morning programs for young children, a spring festival, and much more!

2019-2020 Public Events Schedule


Questions about our admission events? Contact us at 508-490-8201 or