The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

The Spirit of Creativity

We embrace creativity at Fay, in all its forms.

Walk our halls, and you’ll see students taking ownership of their learning through the act of creation, whether it’s writing code for a unique solution to a math problem, generating a new design in our Center for Creativity and Design, or crafting a persuasive thesis in an English class.
Our arts programs are central to inspiring the creative spirit in our students. From kindergarten onward, all students have weekly instruction in music and visual arts. Drama and dance are also part of our program, with opportunities for students across the grade levels.
The “three Rs” are foundational elements of a good education—but so are the arts. In music classes, our students learn to read music, play instruments, and sing in an ensemble. In art classes, students delve into art history across cultures, learn drawing and painting, and experiment with clay and silk screening in our ceramic and printmaking studios.
Fay students learn to harness the arts as tools for personal expression. They discover interests and passions that they can pursue in secondary school and beyond. And they become creative thinkers who are confident in their ability to tackle challenges with ingenuity and grit.

–Albert Einstein

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” 

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