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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA
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Upper School Clubs

Upper School Clubs: Find Your Passions...and Have Fun!

At Fay, we strongly believe in a well-rounded education where students can balance academic challenge with the opportunity to develop and explore passions and interests outside of the classroom.
While athletics and visual and performing arts are a regular part of every Upper Schooler’s weekly schedule, students also have the opportunity to participate in clubs each term that meet for one extended period a week, which we call “X Period.”
These clubs include (but are not limited to) visual arts, writing, music, performance, mathematics, robotics, community service, mindfulness, and diversity and inclusion. While some clubs continue throughout the year, new offerings are added every term.
And there’s always room for an entrepreneurial spirit: students with a specialized area of interest can even form their own club with like-minded students.

Clubs at Fay

This list includes some - but not all - of the current and previous clubs offered to Upper School students.
Antler Club (community service)
Art Studio
3-D Design
Community Connections (diversity and inclusion)
Contest Math
Fashion Design
The Moosepaper (our student newspaper)
Student Government
How to Manage it All (mindfulness for ninth graders)
Jazz Improvisation
LEGO Robotics
Literary magazine