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Conquering Back-to-School

September 3, 2021
It’s that time of year again. You linger over magazine spreads of elaborately organized homework stations and color-coded family calendar systems, and you develop the sudden conviction that a label maker will change your life. It’s September, the month that has a way of bringing out the inner organizer in all of us. While it’s tempting to think that redesigning your child’s workspace will transform your school year, it’s actually the habits that you cultivate this month that can have the greatest positive impact. Here are seven tips for easing the transition from the lazy days of summer to back-to-school.

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Kindergarten Jitters? Five Tips for Helping Your Child Navigate the Start of School with Confidence

August 3, 2021
August brings with it growing excitement about the start of school - for parents and children! However, if your child is heading off to kindergarten, it can also churn up some anxiety. While this is common, there are some things that parents can do to prepare their child (and themselves) for this important step in their academic and social-emotional development. Here are some tips for helping your child develop a positive and confident outlook about heading off to school and for navigating a case of the kindergarten jitters.

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Three Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language in Early Childhood

July 9, 2021
Parents tend to focus on the fundamental skills taught in Kindergarten, such as reading, writing, and numeracy. The opportunity to learn French or Spanish in Kindergarten might seem dispensable in comparison. However, research has shown that early foreign language study can influence a child’s brain development and lay the foundation for future academic success.

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Four Ways to Make Summer Reading Goals A Reality

June 8, 2021
Summertime, with its relaxed routine, family vacations, and travel, can seem like the perfect opportunity to rededicate yourself to reading with your child. However, the summer slide is no myth! All the things that make summer such a great time to read can also make it challenging to establish and maintain any sort of routine.

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Fay School was founded in 1866 and is the oldest junior boarding school in the United States. Our 66-acre campus is located in Southborough, MA, just 25 miles from Boston. Our community includes 475 students in kindergarten through grade nine and includes 150 boarders in grades 7-9  from across the United States and 22 countries. Fay is recognized around the world for its superior educational program, and our graduates are accepted to top secondary schools. Fay's program empowers students to discover their talents, develop their intellectual abilities, establish essential academic skills and knowledge, and define their moral character - all essential to living a life of meaning and making a positive difference in the world.

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