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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

2025 Strategic Plan

2025 Strategic Plan for Fay School

Fay School’s 2025 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Trustees at its annual spring meeting in May 2022. The plan identifies five areas of focus as the School continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of its students: School Community, Campus Planning, Environmental Sustainability, Alumni Engagement, and Financial Sustainability.
As with the previous plan, the 2025 Strategic Plan is designed to ensure that Fay School will continue to realize its single, most important goal: to provide students with the foundation for a meaningful life. While the Plan is a road map for our ongoing improvement, it continues to honor the guiding principle established by founder Eliza Burnett Fay in 1866—“to lay a foundation for education in its broadest sense.” As we embrace our history and uphold the traditions established by our nineteenth-century founders, we are keenly aware that the best way to fulfill our mission in the 21st century is to continue to evolve in a thoughtful and deliberate way.

School Community

Objective: Deepen Fay’s commitment to building and maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school community

Implement a comprehensive plan to broaden diversity, ensure equality of opportunity, and cultivate a sense of belonging that informs goals and allocation of resources for:
     - Educational program
     - Student life
     - Parent and family programs
     - Hiring and staffing
     - Faculty and staff professional development
     - Marketing and admission
     - Board of Trustees composition and development

Further develop programs and activities grounded in Fay’s values that
     - Promote cultural competence
     - Facilitate respectful dialogue
     - Enable members of the school community to engage constructively across differences

Campus Planning

Objective: Undertake continuous preservation, renovation, and development of the School’s campus, facilities, and infrastructure to sustain institutional excellence

Update the campus master plan
     - Review the existing master plan, identify new campus projects, and revise cost estimates
     - Assess funding opportunities
     - Create a prioritized schedule of projects

Create a facilities risk management plan
     - Identify issues not addressed in the regular facilities maintenance budget that may occur at some future date
     - Prioritize risks, create contingency plans, and determine capital budget implications

Environmental Sustainability

Objective: Actively support environmental sustainability through operational policies and program decisions

Implement a school-wide environmental sustainability plan
     - Determine goals for campus, facilities, and the educational program
     - Identify efficiencies, incentives, and funding options
     - Incorporate environmental sustainability in design principles for future capital projects

Alumni Engagement

Objective: Institutionalize an alumni engagement program

Establish a formal structure for alumni communications and activities to achieve:
-   Annual goals for increasing alumni engagement
-   Annual goals for increasing alumni participation in the Fay Fund, capital giving, and the 1866 Society
-   Optimal representation of alumni on the Board of Trustees

Financial Sustainability

Objective: Strengthen financial stability and agility by reducing dependence on tuition revenue

Conduct a thorough assessment of tuition/pricing
   - Study competitor pricing and projected demographic changes in current and potential target markets
Update tuition and financial aid assumptions

• Increase non-tuition revenue
     - Assess the viability of expanding the Early Learning Center
     - Determine the scope of international summer and school-year partnerships
     - Explore new sources of ancillary income
Determine goals and priorities for the endowment

Adapt the strategic financial plan to provide funding for strategic priorities

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