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Fay Magazine: Fall-Winter 2018

Keziah Clarke '13: Challenging the Status Quo

by Jeremy Navarro '14
"I like to research, and I'm interested in the role of women throughout history."
Keziah Clarke’s focus on effecting positive change was evident back when she was a Fay student. At Fay’s speech competition, she shared her vision: “There will always be people who do terrible things, but that should not, cannot, jade our ability to trust...We just have to be willing to take that leap, remind ourselves to keep moving society forward, and refocus our perspectives.” Keziah has lived by those words, committing herself to learning new perspectives and challenging the status quo.

After graduating from Fay in 2013, Keziah attended Choate Rosemary Hall, where she participated actively in school life as a dorm proctor and editor-in-chief of the school yearbook. She also served as a student mentor for the Ulrich Boys and Girls Club and a technology intern for HUBCAP Wallingford, a nonprofit that creates affordable shared workspaces and opportunities for collaborating within the community.

In 2016, Keziah matriculated at Harvard University, where she is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history. She is particularly interested in women’s participation in revolutions in the Middle East and 
North Africa, and to complement her burgeoning interest in the Middle East, she is studying Arabic.

Keziah is also maintaining her commitment to service. This past summer, she worked with the Human Campaign, a nonprofit that educates people about the history and significance of the Equal Rights Amendment. As a student coordinator, Keziah is in charge of energizing the grassroots campaign for college students. “My work here started off as an incredible summer opportunity,” she says, “but I’m definitely seeing this through to fruition. This is important work.” Keziah has also volunteered with ActBlue, a tech nonprofit that empowers small-dollar donors by providing back-end digital fundraising support for political campaigns.

Like many of her peers, Keziah is still figuring out her post-college plans. “Do I know my trajectory? No,” she says, laughing. “I like to research, and I’m interested in the role of women throughout history. There’s so much we don’t know about what women have done—there’s a whole historical voice that’s just missing. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a book about it one day.”

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