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Fay Magazine: Fall 2016

Making a Positive Difference

This year, Fay's schoolwide theme of Making a Positive Difference is highlighting the many ways our students, faculty, and alumni use their talents and skills to effect positive change.

Read our lead story, "Building a Community of Care," about how students are taking on new leadership roles through in-house service learning programs.

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List of 8 news stories.

  • Bringing Humanity and History Together

    How can we understand the sweep of history by examining the acts of individuals? Ninth graders delved deep into the atomic race with their interdisciplinary study of Steve Sheinkin’s Bomb.
  • DMW Profiled in Edible Boston

    Fay ninth graders' final project for Diagnosing the Modern World was chronicled in Boston's foodie magazine.
  • Faculty Profile: Emily McCauley, Fay History Teacher and Service Learning Coordinator

    Emily talks about what she loves about teaching, the role of service learning at Fay, and the joys and challenges of co-teaching a course with her husband.
  • Getting Out the Vote

    How do voters learn about issues and make their voices heard in an election? Lower School students participated in their own election this fall to learn about the privileges and challenges of democracy. 
  • Much Ado about SPAM®

    Savile Lord ‘91 is building community and spreading enthusiasm for the SPAM® brand as manager of its new interactive museum. 
  • The Third Teacher

    Big ideas can often be found in small places. So it is in Fay’s Primary School, where the neatly ordered groupings of tables and chairs, bright airy hallways, and vibrant installations of student art have been thoughtfully designed and curated in the belief that the physical educational space plays a critical role in a child’s learning experience. 
  • Building a Community of Care

    This year’s school-wide focus on making a positive difference has illuminated the many ways our students and faculty serve one another on a daily basis.
  • In-House Experts

    Our teachers are respected authorities beyond Fay's walls.
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