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Fay Magazine: Winter 2024

Let Your Life Speak

Meet Susanna Whitaker Waters, Fay's ninth Head of School!
Learn about how Fay supports social-emotional learning, read about Fay's new drama program, and hear how alumni are making a positive difference in the world in fields ranging from medicine to ocean conservation.

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List of 13 news stories.

  • Head’s Notebook: Let Your Life Speak

    Head of School Rob Gustavson reflects on the importance of demonstrating what we believe not only with our words, but through our actions.
  • Fay Announces the Appointment of Susanna Whitaker Waters as Fay’s Ninth Head of School

    On October 2, Fay’s Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Susanna Whitaker Waters as Fay’s next Head of School, beginning July 2024. Susanna will be Fay’s ninth head of school and the first woman since Fay’s founder, Eliza B. Fay, to hold this position.
  • Empowering Minds

    In a world that can at times feel unpredictable and overwhelming, it has become more important than ever to support children’s sense of wellbeing and equip them with the tools they need to understand and manage their emotions and their relationships with others. Fay’s core value of Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit is embodied in the way that social- emotional learning is taught and supported throughout a child’s experience at Fay. The goal: to build a community where every student feels valued, supported, and included.
  • Fighting for Healthcare Equity: Eliza Sternlicht ’15

    Eliza Sternlicht ’15 is making a positive difference with MediCircle, an organization that recertifies unused cancer medications and redistributes them to the people who need them most.
  • Chad Haering ’90: Innovation at the Front Lines

    At the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center (DEVCOM SC) in Natick, Massachusetts, Chad Haering ’90 designs innovative products to support the strength, endurance, and safety of soldiers in the field.
  • Primary School Update: Math, Minute by Minute

    On an average day in Primary School math, you can see students calculating the answers to rapid-fire math questions, problem-solving and discussing strategies in small groups, quietly focusing on independent work, participating in one-on-one instruction, and smiling and laughing as they play math card games—all within the space of a single 45-minute class!
  • Lower School Update: The Art of Expression

    The greeting sets the tone for the class as fourth graders line up in the hall to high five, fist bump, wave, dance, or shake a foot with drama teacher Margaret McFadden. Drama is a new addition to the regular academic schedule for students in grades three through seven this year, with an acting elective option for students in grades eight and nine.
  • Upper School Update: Water World

    Seventh grade Life Science students learned about ecosystems and water quality this fall through explorations ranging from virtual pond ecosystems to field trips and hands-on tests of water samples. Using design thinking skills, they synthesized their learning with a challenge to test and design their own water filters.
  • Putting Team First

    Varsity football has a season to remember.
  • Faculty Profile: Andrew Barker

    A conversation with Fay’s Director of Residential Life
  • Partners in Healing: Jason Schuster ’98 and Ryan McDaniel ’98

    At Fay, Jason Schuster and Ryan McDaniel might not have imagined running a business together someday. However, the combination of their talents, skills, and deep friendship is propelling the growth of Intricate Art Spine & Body Solutions and getting attention from professional sports teams and clients worldwide.
  • Going the Distance: Pollee Hruby Brookings ’02

    What would make someone want to run a 90-mile ultramarathon? Fay alum Pollee Hruby Brookings ’02 has some thoughts.
  • Marine Explorer: Ariana Agustines ’06

    Meet Ariana Agustines '06 and learn about her shark and ray conservation work in the Philippines.
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