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Fay Magazine: Fall-Winter 2018

Primary School Update: Meet My Hero

by Daintry Duffy Zaterka '88
Meet a few of our Upper School leaders, along with the Primary School students who are delighted to introduce them.
When Upper School students volunteer during one of their study hall periods each week to help out with a P.E., Art, or World Language class in Primary School, some very special relationships are born. Over the course of the year, the Upper School helpers become friends and mentors to the Primary School children, forging an important connection between the school’s oldest and youngest students. “These are amazing experiences, not only for the Upper School students who get to be role models for our youngest students, but for the Primary School students who get to know the wider Fay community,” says Head of Primary School Katie Knuppel. “The children look at the Upper Schoolers like heroes and will drop everything to greet their helpers and welcome them with hugs.”

Aurelia & Emily
Aurelia is a first grader from Framingham, Massachusetts, and Emily is a ninth grader from Tokyo, Japan. Emily helps Aurelia in art class.
Emily is really nice and funny. She helps me when we use glue, and I like to talk about my pictures with her. In art class, we drew skeletons, and when she saw mine, she said, ‘Wow, how did you do that?!’ Art is my favorite class because Emily helps me and my friends."

Lily & Alex
Lily is a kindergartener from Ashland, Massachusetts, and Alex is a ninth grader from Southborough, Massachusetts. Alex helps Lily in P.E.
Alex likes football and baseball. He also likes being a helper and making friends. In P.E., we play baseball, and when the ball hits Alex, he’s really funny. Alex showed me how to hold your hand when you are throwing a ball. When we played soccer and Gaga ball, Alex tried to catch me, but I was too fast.

Sean & Alex
Sean is kindergartener from Hudson, Massachusetts, and Alex is an eighth grader from Milton, Massachusetts. Alex helps Sean in World Languages, where Primary School students study Spanish for the first half of the year and then French for the second half. 
Alex helps us remember the words to our songs, and he helps us play Simón dice [“Simon says” in Spanish]. Sometimes I watch Alex when we play, and he’ll wag his finger not to move so I don’t forget. I like sitting next to Alex because he’s fun and helpful. I would like to play red light green light with him in Spanish. I would also like to know if he likes quesadillas and grilled cheese. Those are my favorite lunches."


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