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Why Boarding?

Ten Reasons Why It's Great to Be a Boarder at Fay

Choosing a boarding program for your middle schooler is a big decision. Would private school be a good fit? Will there be enough academic, social, and emotional support? Will your child get the tools that he or she needs to find success in secondary school and beyond?
Middle school boarding programs offer many benefits for adolescents. Within the safety and structure of a well-designed program, students can immerse themselves in learning while also developing life skills and interests that will last a lifetime, in a community where teachers, coaches, and mentors are there to provide support, guidance, and care.
Here are just a few of the reasons why Fay students and their families love our middle school boarding program.
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1. Preparation.
Our boarders are ready for the next step. Each year, our graduates move on to terrific secondary schools where they embrace academic challenges and pursue the interests they developed at Fay. See where our students go to secondary school.

2. Structure.
After classes, our structured days include time for homework, athletics, music, extracurricular clubs and activities, and extra help with teachers who know their students in and out of the classroom.
3. Independence.
Our boarders rise to the challenge of living away from home and become more responsible, well organized, and independent.
4. Dedicated dorm parents.
Our dorm parents are second to none. Dedicated members of our faculty and staff, they care deeply about the students in their care and are trained to provide expert support and supervision. Ask our alumni, and they’ll tell you that some of the most meaningful relationships they develop at Fay are with their dorm parents. Meet some of our dorm parents.
5. Leadership.
Our boarders learn to be leaders. They live and grow in a community where it is cool to be smart, and where their mentors and peers care about challenge and effort.
6. Fun on the weekends.
Weekends at Fay are fun! Each weekend, our Residential Life Coordinator plans activities on and off campus that take advantage of our proximity to Boston as well our beautiful surroundings in rural New England. Read more about our weekend programs here.
7. Great after-school options.
Our after-school options offer students the opportunity to explore new interests and develop new skills, including athletics, music, drama, dance, and robotics.
8. A global perspective.
Our boarders develop a broader and more nuanced understanding of the world around them as they build lifelong friendships with their classmates, who come from across the United States and around the world.
9. Our amazing campus.
Our boarders make the most of our state-of-the-art facilities, which include our 30-acre athletic campus, theater, music practice rooms, dance studio, art studios, gym, tennis courts, rock climbing wall, library, and Center for Creativity and Design.
10. A focus on all aspects of adolescent development.
Our boarding program is specially designed for adolescents and includes evening and weekend programming that focuses on mindfulness and making smart choices.

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