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Gustavson Fund

The Gustavson Faculty Compensation Fund Challenge

Honor Rob Gustavson and Fay’s faculty by supporting teaching excellence at Fay.
On May 4, 2024, Ann Laquerre, President of the Board of Trustees, and Jim Shay '78, Trustee Emeritus, announced that Fay School had received an anonymous, unsolicited gift of $1 million to establish an endowed fund named for Fay’s departing head of school – The Robert J. Gustavson, Jr. Faculty Compensation Fund.

In their letter accompanying the donation, the anonymous donor wrote:
  • “Our family has benefited from the outstanding faculty that Rob Gustavson has cultivated at Fay, and this gift expresses our deepest appreciation for both Rob Gustavson's leadership and Fay’s faculty.”
  • “The purpose of this fund is to sustain and enhance the strength of Fay’s faculty by helping to ensure that Fay’s compensation levels for teachers, in all grades, remain competitive with Fay’s peer schools.”
  • “We hope that our donation will challenge and inspire others in the Fay community to honor Rob Gustavson and the faculty by making their own donations to this fund – thus helping to ensure continuing teaching excellence at Fay.”

Wouldn't it be amazing if the Fay community were to match the anonymous donor's gift? What a way to honor Rob Gustavson! What a way to honor Fay's faculty! We will need a lot of gifts (at many different levels) to raise an additional $1M for the Gustavson Fund by June 9, 2024 (the day after Commencement). Please make your gift today!

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*To raise an additional $1M, we expect that several “cornerstone gifts” (donations or bequests of amounts greater than the Leadership Levels above) will be required. If you are inspired to give one of these “cornerstone gifts” to the Robert J. Gustavson, Jr. Faculty Compensation Fund, please contact Rob Crawford, Director of Advancement, at, or 508-490-8217. Also necessary for maximizing the Fund’s potential are numerous gifts of $5 to $999. Thank you in advance for supporting this fund at any level!
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