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Summer Reading 2024

Summer Reading

Independent reading is such an important part of any student’s or adult’s intellectual and emotional growth. Fay School is a community of readers, illustrated not only across our curriculum but also in shared reading experiences like “One School One Book,” faculty and staff book groups, our themed library collections and displays, and our choice libraries curated by teachers in all divisions. Our parents and students love to gather and share their collective and independent reading.

What better time to find meaning through reading than the summer?

Primary School Summer Reading

Students entering Kindergarten through grade 2 are encouraged to enjoy time reading and being read to! Below is a suggested summer reading list, entitled Olympics Summer Reading List 2024, for all Primary students to enjoy. Hopefully, these books will inspire you to explore the stories and history behind the Summer Olympics, and some of the athletes who have achieved incredible feats at this quadrennial event. If your local library doesn't have the titles we suggest, feel free to show the list to the children's librarian and ask for help finding similar books.

Lower School Summer Reading

Students entering grade 3 or 4 should select at least TWO books from their grade level list.

Students entering grade 5 or 6 will read one required novel AND one additional book from their grade level list.

Required Reading for Grades Five and Six

Students entering grade five: Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan 

Students entering grade six: A Work in Progress by Jarrett Lerner

Also listed are titles from previous years' One School One Book (OSOB) selections. Please enjoy reading any titles from this list. The Lower School OSOB program provides an opportunity for students, teachers, and parents to take time to read the same book and reflect on its themes and messages.

Please be ready to share which book was your favorite (and why) in reading class in September!

Upper School Summer Reading

This year, Upper School students will be asked to read a required book and to choose texts from two lists generated by our faculty. The first list represents a cross-section of contemporary titles from our choice libraries and represents very different disciplines, genres, and voices. The second list is equally diverse in its cultural and geographical representation, but it consists of more “established” titles, books currently taught around the world in grades 7-12.

By sampling both lists, our students will be able to broaden their experiences, see themselves represented on the page, and prepare themselves for the rigors of future literature courses. Most of all, we hope that our community of readers finds meaning in the texts they choose.

In the fall, English teachers will assign both classwork and homework related to the required text for each grade. Each book is selected to connect with the first unit of the school year.  In addition, you are expected to annotate each book you read, so books should be purchased and brought to school in the fall. 

2024 Summer Reading

REQUIRED READING FOR ENGLISH 7: New Kid by Jerry Craft AND one book from either list below. 

REQUIRED READING FOR ENGLISH 8: Hope Against Hope by Sheena Wilkinson AND one book from either list below. 

REQUIRED READING FOR ENGLISH 9: The Light of Luna Park by Addison Armstrong AND two books, one from each list below.

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