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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

Serious Fun

Learning at Fay is serious fun.

When we talk about serious fun at Fay, we mean that learning is deeply engaging, effortful, and meaningful...and fun. Our teachers design projects so students can immerse themselves in the topic at hand, become experts, and ask questions that lead them to a deeper understanding.

Walk into any classroom at Fay, and you'll find projects that spark creativity and imagination while also building foundational skills. This page features just a few examples.
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Serious Fun in Action

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  • Covering History

    Graphic design and historical synthesis came into play when Upper Schoolers designed magazine covers to highlight key historical moments of the 1800s.
  • Creativity & Design Update: Designed to Impress

    This year, Upper School students in Fay’s Advanced 3D Design class tackled several design challenges that drew on students’ creativity and tested their ability to design for a specific audience.
  • El Tur de Fay

    Bienvenidos a Fay! Sixth graders create video tours of campus in Spanish.
  • Fit for a Kid

    To replicate the experience of designing for a very specific client, Director of Creativity and Design David Dixon assigned his Advanced 3D Design students one of the toughest and most opinionated clients that they will ever face: a Fay first grader.
  • Letters of Change: Lower Schoolers Learn the Art of the Persuasive Letter

    An elegant and organized letter has the ability to influence, but an articulate and well-written letter from a young person can be uniquely compelling.
  • Mathematics: Line Design and Identity

    How can you demonstrate your identity through a series of linear equations? Our algebra students can show you.
  • Ode to a Sneaker

    Second graders created poetry that celebrates something they love with an ode
  • Persuasive Pastries

    Third graders crafted their most compelling arguments with some delicious-sounding descriptions to sell the bakery items they created.
  • Pop Art Goes Global

    Students in Advanced Studio Art are creating works inspired by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and other artists from the Pop Art movement.
  • Exploring Research Skills

    Fourth graders step into the shoes of famous explorers to understand their drive to discover the world.
  • Manie Musicale!

    Lower School French students learn vocabulary and cultural differences between Francophone countries in a musical bracket tournament.
  • Designing Tools for a Cleaner World

    First graders designed "trash-grabbers" to learn about the importance of recycling for our planet.
  • Puzzling with Pentominoes

    Fourth graders designed pentomino animal puzzles to learn about congruence and spatial relations.
  • Characters Come to Life in Third Grade Speeches

    Fay’s public speaking program begins in third grade with a celebration of characters—real and imagined
  • Seeing History Through Music

    Ninth graders design album covers that capture the political and social commentary of a song from the 1980's.
  • Upper Schoolers Design Sneakers for Converse

    Aspiring Upper School designers create sneakers for Converse in our Innovation Lab
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