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Board of Trustees

Fay School's Board of Trustees

Since its incorporation in 1922, Fay School has been led by a governing Board of Trustees. With a maximum membership of 32, the Board has included men and women from the alumni/ae and parent communities, as well as unaffiliated professionals whose particular expertise is of value to the School’s overall development. We are grateful to these individuals for their dedication to Fay School's continued strength.
James P. Shay '78
Ann Laquerre
Vice President
Heather Ryan Girolamo
Sarah R. Mars '83
Peter Bauer
Melissa DeMarco Bois
Herbert L. Camp '53
Alex D. Curtis, Ph.D.
Brendon Giblin '92
Robert J. Gustavson, Jr.
Noreen Reilly Harrington
David W. Harris ’58
Jae Hoon Kim '85
Warren Lee
Brian Light
Douglass N. Loud ’56
Sean Lu
Yvonne Marsh
Jessica Mooraj
Cathy Papadellis
William Picardi
John Simon
Rae-Eun Sung '94
Arthur Ting '90
Faith Wallace-Gadsden '98
Trustees Emeriti
William G. Burrill
Peter S. Drotch
John R. Egan
Brian Kelly
Thomas McKean '64
Christopher Mabley
Edith B. Perkins
Charles P. Pieper, Jr. '61
Anthony M. Pilaro
Carolyn A. Purcell
Campbell Steward '48
Harvey Steinberg