The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion Plan

Objective: Deepen Fay’s commitment to building and maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school community.

Fay School’s Equity and Inclusion Plan plan grew out of the School’s 2025 Strategic Plan, in addition to recommendations made in Fay’s 2021-2022 AISNE Accreditation Report, climate surveys conducted in 2021, and conversations with faculty and staff led by Fay’s Director of Equity and Inclusion. The plan was developed in collaboration with the Head of School, Associate Head of School, Director of Equity and Inclusion, the Director of the Educational Program, and the Director of Marketing and Communications.
At Fay, equity and inclusion work is mission-aligned. We want students and adults to challenge one another and themselves to grow in their ability to be independent thinkers, make good decisions, celebrate their own identities and embrace the identities of others, and collaborate across differences. Fay’s Equity and Inclusion Plan is a roadmap for promoting cultural competence and facilitating respectful dialogue. The plan will evolve as new priorities emerge in response to the needs of our community.

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Educational Program

Objective: Enrich academic excellence and deepen cultural competence through a focus on diverse experiences and perspectives in the curriculum.
  • Explore ways to integrate and expand equity and inclusion work throughout the K-9 curriculum, with particular focus on the Wellness curriculum and the athletics program
  • Develop programming to foster students’ global citizenship skills in collaboration with the Director of Service Learning and the Director of Student Life
  • Examine student demographic patterns and determine whether and how this information should inform class placement moving forward

Student Life

Objective: Foster an inclusive and equitable school environment that enables students to feel a sense of belonging and gives them the foundation to navigate, collaborate, and lead at school and in communities beyond Fay.
  • Review and update systems, policies, and procedures to ensure that students’ backgrounds and identities are acknowledged and valued
  • Provide opportunities for all students to participate in equity and inclusion work on campus and off campus in developmentally appropriate ways
  • Review and update the support systems in place for underrepresented students

Family Programs

Objective: Institutionalize an alumni engagement program
  • Develop systems to be more inclusive of community members in school events, parent/guardian groups, and committees
  • Provide opportunities for parent/guardian education related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Develop division-wide and school-wide opportunities for families to connect with each other

Hiring & Staffing

Objective: Ensure equality of opportunity for all Fay employees, cultivate a climate of inclusion and belonging, and broaden diversity among faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Provide professional development opportunities to maintain inclusive hiring practices
  • Review and update hiring policies and procedures to ensure a wide range of candidates
  • Broaden connections with outside organizations to expand the School’s hiring pool

Faculty & Staff Professional Development

Objective: Enhance professional development to sustain a culture of adults committed to personal and professional growth in equity and inclusion.
  • Incorporate equity and inclusion work in the faculty/staff onboarding process
  • Provide regularly updated equity and inclusion resources for faculty and staff
  • Research and coordinate professional development opportunities for integrating equity and inclusion work into the curriculum

Admission, Marketing, and Communications

Objective: Adapt and extend marketing, recruitment, and retention efforts to highlight and broaden the multi-faceted diversity of the Fay community.
  • Develop strategies for attracting and enrolling underrepresented students and families
  • Review and update marketing materials to be inclusive of underrepresented students and families
  • Consider ways to broaden Fay’s auxiliary programs to support outreach to underrepresented students and families
  • Communicate more effectively with alumni and other constituents about Fay’s equity and inclusion initiatives

Board of Trustees Composition & Development

Objective: Cultivate a board of trustees that is representative of the school community and that actively advances equity and inclusion.
  • Provide ongoing professional development for board members related to equity and inclusion
  • Develop systems for identifying trustees who represent the diversity of the Fay community

Fay School Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Fay School, we believe that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community supports the School’s mission to establish the foundation for a meaningful life. We intentionally integrate multiple perspectives into our curriculum and community. Through ongoing attention to the diverse identities of our community members, we strive to maintain a positive culture in which every person is valued and treated with dignity.
Students and adults at Fay work to develop the skills necessary for constructive engagement with our rapidly changing world. We are committed to honest reflection on the differences and commonalities that enrich our lives. In a spirit of service, we challenge one another to demonstrate empathy, humility, and moral courage. Each member of our community is expected to treat others with openness, attentiveness, and compassion.
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