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Fay supports every student's social and emotional growth.

One of Fay's five core values is Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit - and we live that core value every day with a comprehensive wellness program that begins in our earliest grades and continues through the Upper School. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and highly flexible, so teachers can address the specific needs of the group and individual students.

Our wellness staff includes counselors who are specially trained to help students navigate the developmental challenges of childhood and adolescence. Counselors do not act as psychotherapists; rather, they help students develop plans to address the challenges of daily life, and they collaborate closely with faculty and administrators to design engaging lessons that will develop meaningful skills and strategies.

In all divisions, students participate as needed in counselor-led lunches and groups throughout the school year. These groups allow students to explore various topics, including transitions, communication, conflict resolution, stress reduction, relationships, and current events.

Click here to see an overview of the Wellness curriculum from Kindergarten through ninth grade.

Individual Care and Referrals Working with faculty and administrators, school counselors develop strategies to help students address emotional or psychological distress that may arise from a variety of factors, including academic, family, residential living, or peer issues. When a school counselor determines that an individual student needs regular, long-term, therapeutic intervention, the counselor will work with Fay administrators and the student’s family to refer the student to an outside mental health professional. If a student is working with an outside health provider, the counselor acts as a liaison between the outside professional and the Fay community to coordinate effective strategies that provide students with additional support from the relevant components of Fay’s program.

Health Services Fay’s Health Office provides direct care to all students in areas of health, nutrition, hygiene and overall health education. Members of the Health Office staff are trained health care professionals who are available to students throughout the school day, evenings, and weekends. A registered nurse is on duty Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday with abbreviated hours.

Wellness Faculty

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  • Photo of Heidi Qua

    Heidi Qua 

    Wellness Department Chair
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    Vi-Anne Brown 

    Director of Counseling Services
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