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2020-21 Bus Pricing (per year, per family)

1 Child    2 Children 2+ Children
$3,300 $5,800 $2,800 for each additional


Bus fees from families are not predicted to cover the full cost of the Bus Transportation Program. If revenue from the Bus Transportation Program does result in a profit, Fay will issue rebates to all participating families.

Bus Enrollment is Per Year
Families who enroll in bus service are enrolling for the entire school year (September to June).

Financial Aid
Financial aid for bus transportation is available only for families who already receive tuition assistance. Families who receive tuition assistance, and who enroll in the Bus Transportation Program, will be billed for bus service at the same proportional “discount.” For example, a family that receives a 50% grant for tuition for their child(ren) will be billed for bus service at a 50% “discount.”
Transportation fees will be billed in three equal installments (due September 15, December 15, and March 15) and will appear on SmartTuition invoices.

Because we plan routes and vehicles based on demand prior to the start of the school year and are contracted with our bus company (AA Transportation) for a full school year of service, bus fees are non-refundable. However, if Fay's campus has to close during the school year due to COVID-19, AA Transportation has agreed to slightly reduce our costs, and we will pass this discount on to families as a refund to SmartTuition accounts.