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Student Life

Dining at Fay

Sharing Meals, Building Community

Dining is an important and longstanding tradition at Fay. Students gather each day in one of our two dining rooms on campus for family-style meals. It is a wonderful time of day to relax, reconnect with friends, reinforce the importance of courtesy and manners, and build community. 

Each day, our dining rooms are abuzz with chatter, laughter, and conversation. Students announce athletic games to applause in Upper and Lower School, and the everyone in the Dining Room serenades students on their birthdays. Primary Schoolers relish eliciting laughter on “Tell a Joke Tuesday” or impressing their peers with a fascinating piece of knowledge on “Fun Fact Friday.” While some rules and traditions accompany family-type dining, our students know that mealtimes are anything but stuffy!

Lower and Upper School

In Lower and Upper School, tables are supervised by faculty and staff, and every two weeks students are assigned to a different table as a way to encourage them to make new friends and build connections across the community. In grades three through nine, students take turns as waiters, helping to set the table, serve, and clear plates. In addition to the main meal that is served, Lower and Upper School students can visit our salad bar and hot bar for additional options.

Primary School

In Primary School, table assignments change monthly, and at each table students are joined by faculty and staff, as well as a student helper from grades six through nine. Our Primary School students love this opportunity to get to know some of the “big kids” on campus! Primary School students are encouraged to try the main meal that is served each day, but there are also addition offerings available (yogurt, fruit, sandwiches, vegetables, and other snacks). 

Food and Nutrition

Fostering good nutrition is a key component of Fay’s core value of Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Through Fay’s food provider, SAGE Dining Services, students have a variety of food options available to them at meals and during snack times. If necessary, students can request special dietary arrangements. The School also provides options for students who are observing cultural or religious holidays.

SAGE Dining Services prepares and cooks the nutritious school meals in Fay's dining rooms. A nationally recognized company that provides dining services to numerous independent schools and colleges around the country, Sage’s meals are made from scratch with a major emphasis on local sourcing and environmental sustainability. In addition to creating custom-designed menus, Sage offers multiple choices for our culturally diverse student body at every meal. Ingredients and nutrition information is available on Sage's website.

The SAGE Dining Director coordinates all meals at Fay. The dining menus are posted regularly on Sage's website, which you can view here. The Daily View provides a list of each menu item for the meal you have selected: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you click on a menu item, the list of its ingredients is displayed. To access the nutrition information for a menu item, please enter Access Code S0005.

Menus are organized as follows:
Stock Exchange: Soup bar
Improvisations: Salad bar
Main Ingredients: Table-served entrees
Seasonings: Specialty food bars
Baltimore Baking Co: Dessert choices
Daily Offerings are items available every day

Click the links below to learn more about services from SAGE:
Scratch & Batch Cooking
Nutrition Education
Local Sourcing
Allergy Awareness
main number 508-490-8250
admission 508-490-8201