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Research Tool Kit



Gather your Information
Gather all your notes from all sources and arrange them in the order of your outline. If you have used note cards, this will be easy. Be sure you have addressed all the points in your outline. Check to see if there is information missing.

Think about what you've learned to create your unique perspective on the topic. If you have information you don't understand, ask someone to explain it to you before you use it! Draw conclusions based on the evidence you've found in your research. These conclusions are your original creation!

Prepare a Works Cited List (Bibliography)
Whatever format you use to present what you have learned (research paper, poster, multimedia presentation, PowerPoint slide show or anything else) you must give credit to all the sources you used for your research. A bibliography is a list describing the sources you used for your research. (“Biblio” refers to books and “graphy” refers to description.) Since we use online sources as well as books, you may call your source list “Works Cited” if you prefer. If you have questions, check out this easy-to-understand citation guide.

EasyBib is a fully-integrated online program that makes every step of the research process easier. Use it to create citations, take notes, make an outline, and even write your research paper in GoogleDocs. No more lost or misplaced notes; all your work on EasyBib is always available online!
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