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Research Tool Kit

What is the Research Road?

Research Road is the steps we take in order to successfully finish a research project.

Taking Notes

EasyBib Note Cards
Do you want to save time, stay organized and avoid plagiarism? This is a great way to gather and organize information for research. You can take notes from sources as you find them, and EasyBib keeps the source connected with your notes, making citations a breeze. Later you can organize all your information in the order you will use it.
From Note Cards to First Draft
•  After you take notes from all the sources you’ve selected, organize your note cards by dragging them into the outline. Look at all the topics and organize the cards the way you would relate topics and ideas using Inspiration™. You can also print your notecards to organize them.
• Prepare an EasyBib outline. Be sure to review the assignment and your essential question or thesis statement. Are you missing any information? If so, this is the time to find additional sources. Ask a librarian for help!
•  Put the note cards in the order of your outline. Write a first draft using your ordered note cards. Think about the information you’ve gathered.
•  Remember that research means more than just reporting—use the information you’ve gathered to create your own perspective or opinion on the topic. Draw conclusions based on what you have learned.

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