The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA
What Matters at Fay

You Can If You Will

Fay students learn that effort matters.

Fay School’s motto is Poteris Modo Velis, “You can if you will.” We instill in our students the belief that effort is the key factor in success. You can see our commitment to earnest effort in how a writing teacher follows up with a student on an essay, how a coach offers feedback on the sidelines, or how a music teacher guides a student through a challenging passage of music. Effort is so important at Fay that beginning in Lower School, students receive effort grades every two weeks as a way to help teachers and parents keep students on track. Fay students build character and confidence by learning to rely on their skills and practicing integrity and persistence every day. When our students graduate, they take with them one of the most important life lessons of all: that they possess the capacity for continuous growth and improvement.
“Fay prepared me well for secondary school. I learned that no matter what kind of challenges I faced—academic, athletic, social, personal—I had the skill, the strength, and the perseverance to see it through.”
    • Poteris Modo Velis

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