The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA
What Matters at Fay

Tradition & Innovation

We celebrate tradition and embrace innovation.

As the oldest junior boarding school in the country, we enjoy a rich heritage of traditions that bind us together as a community. Some traditions—such as our family-style meals in our dining room, where students take turns serving each other—reinforce our commitment to civility and respect. Other traditions celebrate teamwork and fun. Every student who enters Fay, for example, is assigned to the Red Team or the White Team. Throughout the year, the teams compete in challenges of academic, artistic, and athletic skill, culminating at the Founders’ Day Color Competition, a field day event that brings together the entire student body.
Our solid grounding in tradition gives us the wings to soar—and our inspiring faculty are continuously seeking ways to refine and improve their teaching. Sometimes innovation means the latest in technology (as you can see in our Center for Creativity and Design), but our teachers appreciate that innovation can be “low-tech,” too—whether it’s a woodworking unit in Primary School or a new system of notetaking to facilitate the development of study skills in Lower School.

- Fay School Prospectus, 1886

“It is the current endeavor of the teachers to lay a foundation for education in its broadest sense.”
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