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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

U.S. Boarding School for International Students

Boarding for Grades 7-9 in the U.S.

Fay School was founded in 1866 and was the first junior boarding school in the United States. Located 25 miles from Boston, Fay is a traditional, yet innovative, independent school that teaches enduring skills for a changing world. Through small classes and individual attention, our challenging and supportive learning environment provides exceptional preparation for secondary school.

Our well-rounded program establishes a solid foundation in reading, writing, critical thinking, public speaking, quantitative analysis, and problem solving. A
highlight of our program is our creativity and design curriculum, where students engage in real-world design projects in partnership with companies like Converse, Bose, and Barnes and Noble.

Fay provides a comprehensive educational experience—academics, athletics, the arts, and character education—in a multicultural setting that includes students from across the United States and over countries. Students live and learn together in a community that embraces the School’s core values of Academic Excellence, Earnest Effort, Honorable Conduct, Dedicated Service, and Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Some things our boarding students love about our school:

Fay is recognized around the world for its superior educational program, and our students are highly regarded by secondary schools. Our graduates are known to be confident, capable, enthusiastic students. In addition, they are highly involved in extracurricular activities as well as service-oriented pursuits on and off campus. As a result, Fay students have an excellent record of acceptance at secondary schools (high school level schools).

“Fay graduates stand out in our community. They are skilled mathematicians, writers, musicians, athletes, scientists, and artists—and they’re also intellectually curious and passionate about their interests."
–Admission officer, Phillips Exeter Academy

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At Fay, we strongly believe in a well-rounded education where students can balance academic challenge with the opportunity to develop and explore passions and interests outside of the classroom.
  • Athletics - Each school day, every Upper School student participates in Fay's athletic program and with over 20 sports offered, 57 different teams over three seasons, and 10 intramural options, every student is able to find an athletic option that is appropriately challenging and engaging.
  • Arts - All our students have weekly instruction in music and visual arts. Drama and dance are also part of our program, with opportunities for students across the grade levels.
  • Clubs - Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in clubs each term that meet for one extended period a week. In the past, options have included competition math, debate, robotics, trivia, and yearbook.

Our students go to school with classmates from across the street - and across the world. Walk the halls of Fay School, and you’ll see global learning in action. Our 150 boarding students come from across the globe, and Upper School students have the unique opportunity to make meaningful friendships with peers from around the world. 

This year, Fay’s boarders hail from these countries:
Afghanistan • Brazil • Canada • China • Dominican Republic • Ghana • Hong Kong • India • Israel • Japan • Kazakhstan • Mexico • Russia • Saudi Arabia • South Korea • Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand • Turks and Caicos • United Arab Emirates • United States

“I loved going to school with students from around the world. I’ve made friends with kids from Europe, Asia, and Africa, and South America. It’s exciting learning about what makes us different, as well as what we have in common.”
– Jillian Carroll ’15
Within the safety and structure of our boarding program, Fay students can immerse themselves in learning while also developing life skills and interests that will last a lifetime, in a community where teachers, coaches, and mentors are there to provide support, guidance, and care.
  • Our campus is home to more than 40 members of Fay’s faculty and staff and their families. As dorm parents, these faculty and staff build strong connections with Fay’s boarding students.
  • Our students live in homelike dorms that are just a short walk from the Dining Room, classrooms, and playing fields. Our dorms are separated by gender, and each dorm includes faculty apartments.
  • Weekends at Fay School are a time to rest, recharge, connect with friends, and have fun! An important part of the Fay program is what our students learn outside the classroom—and with 150 boarders on campus each weekend, there are plenty of activities and adventures to make each weekend special.
“One of the best things about my experience at Fay was the relationship I developed with my dorm parents. In ninth grade, my dorm parent was also my history teacher—I loved getting to know her outside the classroom, and she was always so kind and supportive."
– Fay alumna 

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