The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA
What Matters at Fay

Nurturing Each Child's Potential

It’s important to learn who you are as learner.

Our goal at Fay is to help each student find his or her “sweet spot” as a learner. Our teachers get to know their students well, so they can help each individual build on existing strengths and develop new skills. We believe that children aren’t able to unlock their full potential until they have all the tools for success, so we also focus on organization, time management, and study skills at every grade level. We know that learning how to learn is just as important as the foundational skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.
We also know that healthy development goes beyond the traditional classroom walls, and Fay’s teachers, specialists, and coaches are dedicated to nurturing every aspect of development. From Primary School onward, students participate in class meetings, advisory programs, and wellness classes where students develop tools to advocate for themselves, think independently, be resilient, navigate social situations, and make choices to facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

- Faith Wallace Gadsden ’98 (graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall; B.A., Haverford College; Ph.D., Tufts, molecular biology; and founder and director of the Archimedes Project, a nonprofit dedicated to designing and launching sustainable clean water enterprises around the world)

“The foundation I received at Fay helped me excel in high school and college. I learned how to learn, from developing study skills to being my own advocate in the classroom.”
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