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Daintry Duffy Zaterka '88
With 22 different clubs to choose from in the Upper School this fall, there was something to pique everyone’s interest.
Every Thursday afternoon this fall, Upper School students had the opportunity to explore a passion or discover a new one during X-block, Fay’s weekly time devoted to clubs. With twenty-two different clubs to choose from this fall, there was something to pique everyone’s interest.
Students looking to match wits could choose Quiz Bowl, Debate, Harvard Model Congress, or Math Competition. In Debate Club, students held a series of mini-debates on whether federal regulation of cryptocurrency transactions would do more harm than good, which required members to hone their debate and research skills as they learned about the topic.
Budding journalists could report, write, and edit articles for The Moosepaper, Fay’s newspaper, or help plan and layout the yearbook. Artistically inclined students and crafters could select from Animation Drawing, Friendship Bracelets, Jewelry Making, and Mini Models. Meanwhile, sports fans could get some extra outdoor time to play Frisbee or share and discuss their favorite sports documentaries as they watched some of ESPN’s “30 for 30” films. Gamers could impress one another with their Minecraft building skills or challenge one another in GeoGuessr, a geography game in which you search for signs, flags, languages, and natural features that give you clues to where in the world you are.
“The great thing about clubs is that they run the range from relaxing hobbies and pure fun to serious debate and deadline-focused journalism,” says Head of Upper School Sarah Remsberg. “There is something that fits every level of engagement and for every student to get excited about.”
About half of Fay’s clubs this fall were student-driven initiatives, with students proposing an idea for a club and then finding a faculty sponsor willing to advise them for the term. This aspect of the program allows students to explore genuine interests that they might not otherwise have room for with their busy academic and athletic schedules. It also fosters connections between Upper School students who may share similar interests and not even realize it!

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