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Fay Magazine: Summer 2021

Celebrating Stu Rosenwald

This spring, the Fay community gathered at an online celebration to pay tribute to Stuart Rosenwald, who retired this year following a 40-year career at Fay. Head of School Rob Gustavson shared the following remarks.
Over the last four decades, Stu Rosenwald has been a colleague to many members of Fay’s faculty and staff, advised many students and parents, supported the work of the Board of Trustees, collaborated with secondary school admission officers, and worked successfully with four Heads of School.
Stu was originally hired as an English teacher, dorm parent, and coach by Head of School Brooks Harlow in January 1981. His letter of appointment included Brooks’ best wishes to Stu and his then-fiancée, Lorie! In 1993, Head of School Steve White appointed Stu Director of Secondary School Placement, and Stu continued to teach English and coach for many more years. In 2016, I was pleased to appoint Stu Associate Head of School and Director of Secondary School Counseling.
One of Stu’s great gifts has been his ability to build authentic, lasting professional relationships and personal friendships through his work. Always the professional, he listens actively, provides counsel, and demonstrates genuine empathy. Colleagues, professional peers, and parents alike appreciate his warmth and probity; even more noteworthy, they just really enjoy his company.
Earlier this spring, I spoke on Stu’s behalf at our annual Faculty and Staff Service Award event, where Stu was honored for his 40 years of service to Fay. I spoke about Stu’s successes in building and improving Fay’s Secondary School Counseling program and the importance of the strong, influential relationships he has built and nurtured with the admission offices of secondary schools from across the country and around the world. Stu’s success as Director of Secondary School Counseling is due in large part to the strength of these relationships. Secondary School admission offices trust his judgment and recommendations, and Fay’s outstanding reputation throughout the secondary school community has been just one of the positive results.
As Associate Head of School, Stu’s effectiveness and scope of influence increased, to the benefit of our school. His depth of experience at Fay and his standing in the community have made him a valued mentor to newly appointed administrators, as he has provided valuable perspectives, useful feedback, and an understanding of “how Fay works”. As a trusted colleague, he has provided thoughtful guidance to faculty members who were encountering personal and professional challenges. Stu is a true ambassador for Fay. His strong connections with alumni and past parents made him a valued resource on Advancement Office trips to Asia and when alumni and parents have visited campus.
Fay has been an important part of Stu’s life, and he has consistently demonstrated dedicated service to the School. Once he had made the decision to retire from Fay this year, Stu purposefully took a step back from direct involvement with parents so that the members of his team could take a step forward. At the same time, he continued to make himself available as a resource to engage directly in situations that would benefit from his advocacy and attention. It is not easy for an experienced administrator to give up that level of involvement, but Stu understood the importance of preparing his team for his departure, not only for their professional benefit but also for the long-term well-being of the School. I appreciate his determination to ensure that Fay’s secondary school counseling office remains as strong as ever after his retirement.
As I speak about Stu’s legacy at Fay, I would like to also recognize Lorie Rosenwald’s dedication and service to our school. Lorie has supported Fay in many ways over the years but has never asked for or expected recognition for her contributions. She has attended Fay events and travelled overseas as an unofficial representative of Fay; she has opened up her home to welcome members of the Fay community; she’s been an on-call Health Office driver when students needed transportation to appointments; she’s helped to compile secondary school application packets; and I am sure there are innumerable other ways in which she has supported Fay that we don’t know about. She has been a Fay ambassador in her own right.
Stu, from my first days at Fay, I have appreciated your experience on a range of issues, your deep knowledge of the School’s traditions and culture, and your willingness to share your expertise. During the past 13 years, your perspective has helped me make better decisions, and you have been a valued member of my administrative team. I want to express my personal thanks for your wise counsel and reliable support. On behalf of Fay School, I extend sincere thanks for all you have done for Fay and offer our very best wishes to you, Lorie, and your family.

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