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Fay Magazine: Summer 2020

Head's Notebook - Our Children Embody Our Hope

by Rob Gustavson, Head of School
Reflections on a momentous spring.
Throughout this past spring, the widespread sense of anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic was steadily augmented by a social epidemic of despair. For many of us, shocking examples of our society’s deep-seated racism and injustice elicited a sadness that verged on hopelessness. At times, the magnitude of these cultural and institutional challenges seemed insurmountable, and it was hard to imagine how things would get better.

In these discouraging moments, I found solace in knowing that I belong to a school community that is centered around shared values and a common purpose. Although the world around us may be in turmoil, and so many things seem 
out of our control, we have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to nurture our children’s growth into kind, respectful people who will make a positive difference. This is a profoundly optimistic and encouraging endeavor. 

While none of us knows what lies ahead, we can have great confidence in the strength of the Fay community and, most  important, in the potential for our children to create a better world. With gratitude and humility, I ask that each of us reaffirm our commitment to modeling care and concern; that we rededicate ourselves to guiding and supporting children’s development of empathy and compassion; and that we continue to work together to sustain an intentional school community that is grounded in respect for the dignity of others.

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