The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

Kindergarten at Fay School

Kindergarten - The Journey Begins

We believe that nothing is more important than a child’s first school experience, and the small class size and individualized approach of Fay’s Kindergarten program helps each student to establish a strong foundation for a successful educational journey. Our classroom teachers focus on each child’s literacy, numeracy, science understanding, and social-emotional development, supported by a team of expert specialists who coordinate instruction in art, music, French, Spanish, and P.E. 

Fay's Kindergarten program also focuses on fostering children’s social and emotional growth as they learn to work in a group situation away from home. Kindergarten students work cooperatively and collaboratively to solve problems, explore, play, and learn. They build independence through self-directed work and activities. Inside and outside structured play helps them learn to navigate social relationships, explore personal interests, and develop interpersonal skills. Through a close-knit classroom community, students learn to follow agreed-upon rules as they become accustomed to the routines and procedures of the school environment. A family-style lunch also provides time for students to interact with classmates and teachers, supporting the development of peer relationships, manners, and communication skills.

Fay School begins in Kindergarten and serves children through ninth grade. Our state-of-the-art campus is located in Southborough, MA.

Some things our families love about Kindergarten at Fay:

Our Faculty

Our kindergarten students interact with a team of inspiring, supportive adults who are experts in their fields. This includes each student's classroom teachers as well as specialists in music, art, world languages, P.E., library, literacy, speech, and wellness. Find out why a great kindergarten teacher matters!

Family-Style Lunches 

Our free and nutritious family-style lunch provides time for students to interact with classmates and teachers, supporting the development of peer relationships, manners, and communication skills. Our Head of Primary School starts each meal with a reflection and ends with announcements and opportunities for children to speak in front of their peers, whether it’s a rhyme for Poetry Wednesday or a trivia tidbit for Fun Fact Friday.

A Friendly Morning Greeting

Don’t be surprised to see our Kindergarteners racing towards the Primary School entrance each morning. They can’t wait to say hello to Mrs. Knuppel, the Head of Primary School! Rain or shine, she’s at the front door each morning to greet each student with a handshake or a high five, look them in the eye, and welcome them to another day at Fay.

Upper School Helpers

The day and boarding students in our Upper School hail from more than 20 countries, and many of them volunteer in the Primary School as lunch, art, P.E., and language helpers. The children can’t wait to spend time with their Upper School heroes, and these cross-grade friendships build an authentically diverse community as well as excitement for each next step in the kindergarteners’ journey through Fay. 

Morning Meeting

Each week, Primary School students gather in our Multipurpose Room for Morning Meeting. At these gatherings, our Head of Primary School presents commendations to children who have been “caught being kind” to peers and teachers. Children also practice their public speaking skills by sharing presentations about what they’ve learned. These informal speaking opportunities plant the seeds for Fay’s public speaking program, which begins in third grade.

Creativity and Design

Fay’s Creativity and Design curriculum challenges students to employ a powerful approach known as design thinking as they delve into hands-on projects that foster creativity and deepen understanding across subject areas. To complement this program, in 2022 Fay opened a state-of-the-art, two-floor, 7,000 square-foot Center for Creativity and Design.

Our Classrooms

Our kindergarten classrooms are large, bright, open, and clean, and they support our inquiry-based learning model. Each classroom has its own bathroom and cubby area.

Our Playground

Kindergarten students spin, swing, slide, climb, and balance across our brand new playground. Consisting of four different structures surrounded by safety surfacing, the new playground encourages active play, exploration, structured risk-taking, and lots of fun.

Small Class Sizes

Our small class sizes and differentiated approach help each kindergarten student establish a strong foundation for a successful educational journey.

World Languages

The Fay Community

Our community emphasizes kindness, responsibility, respect, inclusion, empathy, and effort, and all our students and faculty members support each other.

Before and After-School Options

Fay offers AM Care (7:00 - 7:40 AM) and PM Care (3:00 - 6:00 PM) to all students for free! There are also afternoon clubs available for an additional fee that offer enriching experiences right on campus.
“My child didn’t just benefit from amazing classroom teachers in Kindergarten—it was a whole network of amazing teachers. Every single specialist who worked with my child—literacy, art, music, French, Spanish, library, P.E., reading and language, even the Head of Primary School—got to know my child well and cared deeply about her progress.”   Fay Kindergarten parent

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