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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA


Our traditions connect us to our community.

Founded in 1866, Fay is the first junior boarding school in the United States. We enjoy a rich heritage of traditions that bind us together as a community—some that demonstrate our commitment to our core values, and some that celebrate fun and friendship. As a member of our community, here are some of the traditions that make us who we are.
Family Style Dining Students gather in one of our two dining rooms on campus for family-style meals, and it is a wonderful time of day to connect with friends and reinforce the importance of courtesy and manners. Beginning in third grade, students take turns as waiters, helping to set the table, serve, and clear plates, and Upper Schoolers also help in the Primary School Dining Room during lunch periods.
Efforts Our school motto is Poteris Modo Velis (You can if you will), and our community emphasizes the important of earnest effort. Effort is so important at Fay that beginning in Lower School, students receive effort grades every two weeks. This continual feedback helps students to take ownership of their learning and be more reflective about their learning process. 
Color Team Competition “Go Red Team!” and “Go White Team!” are cheers you’ll hear frequently at Fay. Every student who enters Fay is assigned to the Red Team or the White Team, and throughout the year, the teams compete in challenges of academic, artistic, and athletic skill. A highlight of the year is the spring Color Competition, a field day event that brings together the entire student body.
Our Dress Code The classic Fay uniform includes a blazer for girls, and a blazer and tie for boys. Our clothes are neat, comfortable, and sensible, and they demonstrate that our students learn in an atmosphere of civility and respect.
All School Meetings In every division, students gather in the morning a few times each week for an all school meeting. These meetings are a time to share news and announcements, highlight student achievements, celebrate birthdays, and reflect on the “big ideas” of friendship and tolerance that bring us together as a community.
The Speech Contest Each year, Fay’s upper schoolers look forward to the speech contest, an annual event where students share their words and ideas with their peers and a panel of appreciative judges. Click here to learn more about our public speaking program.
Taste of Nations Taste of Nations is an annual tradition where Fay students, parents, and faculty cook meals from their home countries and share them at a schoolwide food tasting event that brings the whole community together. In the past, over 40 countries were represented!
Birthdays You say it's your birthday? We've got it covered! Day and boarding students love birthdays at Fay School: our day students are recognized by their peers at Morning Meeting, and our boarders celebrate with birthday cake and a special, personalized ceremony.
One School, One Book Each year, the Lower School selects one book for every student—and every parent!—to read. This community-wide activity brings together mixed-age groups (including parents) for lively discussions about literature and life, and we have welcomed amazing authors to speak about their books, including Sharon Creech, Ann Martin, and Betty Birney. 
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