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Ninth Grade Program

Give your child the gift of a capstone year of challenge and leadership.

Presenting a prize-winning speech. Captaining a varsity team. Leading an all-school meeting. Playing the lead in the spring musical. Serving families in need. Mentoring a second grader.
Ask one of our ninth graders, and these are just a few of the highlights they’ll mention when talking about their capstone year at Fay.
Each year, between 60 and 70 of our rising ninth graders from across the U.S. and around the world choose to take on a leadership year in Fay’s Ninth Grade Program. We also admit up to 10 new ninth graders each year who are seeking the best possible preparation for their high school years. As the “seniors” of the School, our ninth graders seize new opportunities for personal growth as students, athletes, artists, and leaders.

Ninth Grade Program at Fay School

Program Highlights

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  • Academics

    Ninth graders at Fay experience a challenging and stimulating high school-level curriculum that thoroughly prepares them for tenth grade in a secondary school. 

    In English, students delve into literary classics, develop a more sophisticated style of writing, and hone their public speaking skills. They develop hands-on lab skills in biology, and multiple math courses are offered, including Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. Students may choose to study Spanish, French, Mandarin, or Latin, and they have regular opportunities to practice language skills with Fay classmates from around the world. Four electives, Topics in Modern America, American Prose in History (an interdisciplinary history/English course), Advanced Studio Art, and Advanced Design Portfolio, are extremely popular among ninth graders, and students take advantage of Fay’s Center for Creativity and Design for hands-on learning across all subjects. Ninth graders are also eligible to take additional Creativity and Design electives (Robotics or Coding for Apps and Games) and art electives (Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Watercolor, Ceramics, Pottery, Printmaking, Digital Photography, and Portraiture).

    By virtue of their seniority in the School and intellectual maturity, ninth graders take an active role in their learning and enjoy a collegial rapport with teachers. Alumni of Fay’s Ninth Grade Program cite this unique teacher-student dynamic as a highlight of their ninth grade experience.

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  • Arts

    Now’s your chance to be the lead in the play….or to audition for the very first time! In addition to regular offerings in drama and dance, ninth graders can choose from a host of music options as well as a variety of art electives that offer the opportunity to hone artistic skills and discover new interests.

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  • Athletics

    For many ninth graders, the opportunity to shine as leaders on our varsity teams is a highlight of their ninth grade experience. Younger players look up to their ninth grade teammates, and Fay’s experienced varsity coaches—who are attuned to the specific needs of this age group—call upon ninth graders to serve as role models, on and off the field.

    Ninth graders can take full advantage of Fay’s exceptional athletic facilities, which include ten full-size fields, an indoor turf field, a baseball diamond and a softball diamond with three batting cages, four basketball courts, two fitness centers, eight tennis courts, an outdoor ice rink and ropes course, and an indoor rock climbing wall. 
    Every ninth grader participates in at least one team sport during the year. Students can choose from 20 sports, including baseball, basketball, cross-country, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, skiing/snowboarding, soccer, softball, squash, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling, as well as our on-campus intramural athletic options, fitness, dance, and outdoor adventure. 

    Our varsity teams fare remarkably well against challenging competition from schools like Belmont Hill, BB&N, Dana Hall, Dexter Southfield,
    Fessenden, Noble & Greenough, Milton, Rectory, and Rivers.

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  • Five-Day and Seven-Day Boarding Options

    Fay’s ninth graders come from across the U.S. and around the world, so the majority take advantage of Fay’s outstanding residential life program. For many ninth graders, boarding at Fay offers a first opportunity to live away from home, and students benefit from “learning the ropes” of boarding life before enrolling in a secondary school boarding program.

    Our boarders live in comfortable, well-supervised dormitories and participate in a structured daily program designed to help each student succeed academically and
    socially—and have fun along the way. Evening study halls help students develop positive study habits, and weekends offer boarding students a rich array of on and 
    off-campus activities.

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  • Secondary School Counseling

    Fay’s ninth graders have an outstanding record of acceptance at competitive schools across the country. Fay’s Secondary School
    Counseling Office consists of three experienced professionals who coordinate a personalized program. Prior to the start of the admission season, students and families work with their secondary school counselor to create a comprehensive list of school options.

    Students and families participate in seminars and workshops throughout the year, and students go to our Spring Boarding School Fair and Fall Mini-Fair events, which are attended by over 100 secondary schools from across the country. Students have a week in October that is dedicated to school visits; once their list of schools is finalized, the secondary school counselor assists in managing and submitting the recommendations from Fay faculty. Counselors advocate for their applicants at every school where they apply. 

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  • Student Life

    During a year filled with opportunities for growth, ninth graders: 
    • Participate in off-campus, overnight leadership retreats at the beginning and end of the school year.
    • Participate in advisory groups of 6-8 students. Each ninth grader checks in with his or her advisor daily and meets with his or her advisory group at least twice per week.
    • Participate in regular service learning opportunities.
    • Serve in leadership/service roles, such as Dorm Proctor, Color President, Class President, Student Admission Ambassador, Primary School lunch helper, and team captain.
    • Write, practice, and deliver a speech as part of Fay’s public speaking curriculum.
    • Develop greater self-confidence and a broader understanding of who they are as learners.
    • Grow their catalogue of experiences and expand their comfort zones, becoming more well-rounded and polished candidates for secondary school.
    • Become a cohesive class and cultivate lifelong friendships.

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