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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to submit a completed application before I visit the School?
We are happy to give a tour to anyone who inquires about admission to Fay. If you are interested in proceeding further with the process and booking an interview (for Upper School applicants) or a parent interview or assessment/screening (for Primary and Lower School applicants), we ask that you submit the Applicant Information Form and the Parent/Guardian Statement before your visit. Those application materials may be found online at https://www.fayschool.org/apply. Please note that while we ask for those forms to be submitted before your appointment, you do not have to submit those forms in order to schedule your appointment.

I definitely want my child to go to Fay, but I can’t decide whether to apply for Pre-Kindergarten this year or wait another year and apply for Kindergarten. Is my child more likely to be accepted in a certain grade?
In the spirit of transparency, the answer to your question is that we typically receive about the same number of applications for Pre-Kindergarten as we do for Kindergarten, and we have 22 spots for Pre-Kindergarten available each year, and about 10 for Kindergarten. This means that statistically your child has a better chance of acceptance if he or she applies for Pre-Kindergarten, but know that a student who does not meet our admission standards will not have success in applying for either grade. Therefore, your family should take a range of considerations into account as you decide whether to apply for Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten. We would be happy to speak with you about your thoughts so that you can make the best decision for your child.

My child is a good student, but I have heard that there are many benefits to repeating a grade when starting at an independent school. How do I decide which grade my child should apply for?
While it is true that several students each year elect to repeat a grade when they enter Fay, we find that the decision is a personal one that is best made on a case-by-case basis. Many families apply for their preferred grade but include a letter with their application saying that they would be willing to receive an acceptance for the other grade if the Admission Committee feels it is the best fit. We encourage you to discuss your child’s particular situation with the Admission Officer with whom you meet. Please know that admission to Fay School is selective, and students who wish to repeat because of very poor scholastic achievement in the past year are not strong candidates.

Two days after my child submitted the application to Fay they won an award. Can I call the Admission Office to add it to the file, or is it too late?
If you have any sort of new information you would like to include with your child’s application, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to add supplemental materials to his or her file.

I wasn’t accepted to Fay last year. May I re-apply?
Because many considerations go into each admission decision, including the strength of the overall applicant pool for a particular grade level, we welcome students to re-apply to Fay. You do not need to fill out the application again unless you are applying for a different division (i.e. last year you were an applicant to grade two in Primary School, and this year you will be an applicant to grade three in Lower School). Nor do you need to re-take the WISC-IV if you submitted a current test last year. However, we do ask for updated school reports, including transcripts and teacher recommendations. For applicants to grades four and higher, we request a one-page written statement from the student updating us on the past year since you applied, both academically and personally. We also require another campus visit for an updated assessment, screening, or interview (depending on grade level.) If you have questions about what else you may submit to support your re-application, please contact the Office of Admission at admission@fayschool.org.

I just found out about Fay and I want to apply but it is after February 1. Do I have to wait until next year?
The deadline for day students to apply to Fay is February 1; however, we often save a handful of spaces in select grades for late applicants. We encourage you to contact the Office of Admission at admission@fayschool.org to find out which grades are still accepting applications. Admission to Fay is rolling for boarding applicants, which means we accept applications throughout the year until all of the spaces have been filled.

I live far away. May I interview via Skype?
We do offer Skype interviews (for Upper School applicants only); you may arrange one through the Office of Admission at admission@fayschool.org. However, it is important for you to know that we prefer in-person interviews, so if you have an opportunity to travel to our campus, you would be best served in the application process to do so. Alternatively, you may opt for an in-person interview near your home if we have an admission officer traveling to your area. We change our travel schedule every year in order to reach the most places in the United States, and indeed around the world. Please check the Admission Events page of our website for the latest information on our travel plans.

I live abroad, and I am unable to find an available seat for the TOEFL or TOEFL, Jr. in my area until January. Will this hurt my chances of admission?
This is a common issue in certain countries, and we don’t penalize a student’s application when this happens. We suggest that you submit all other application materials before January and then ask for your TOEFL score to be sent directly to Fay in order to expedite the receipt and review of your application.

I study at an international school. Do I still need to submit a TOEFL or TOEFL, Jr. test score?
Yes, we require all students whose native language is not English to submit a TOEFL or TOEFL, Jr. test score regardless of where they attend school.

In my country, the school year runs from January to November. Can I apply to begin 7th grade at Fay in September if I haven’t fully completed 6th grade in my country?
No. We require all students to successfully complete the previous grade level before entering Fay.

I’ve heard the TOEFL, Jr. is an easier test than the TOEFL, but it’s not offered in my country. Will getting a low score on the TOEFL hurt my chances of getting accepted?
We understand that the TOEFL, Jr. is a test written for middle school students, and the TOEFL is a test written for applicants to college, and we take this into consideration when we review a student’s test scores. Overall, students with lower scores are not disadvantaged in the admission process because we admit students into two different levels of sheltered English language instruction at Fay. Students with lower TOEFL scores may be strong applicants for our Level One program, while students with higher TOEFL scores may be strong applicants for our Level Two program.