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Applicants from Mainland China

TOEFL Testing

Fay School will accept applications from students living in mainland China for the 2024-25 school year for grades 7 and 8. 

Each applicant is asked to submit results from the TOEFL Jr. or the TOEFL.  A score of 860 or higher is required for the TOEFL Jr., or a score of 95 or higher on the TOEFL before an interview can be scheduled. 

Every student whose education has been primarily outside the US is required to submit a qualifying TOEFL Jr. or TOEFL score, regardless of the school they attended or the passport they hold.

We do not accept the Duolingo exam nor the IELTS exam.


An interview with a Fay School admission officer is a required part of a completed application. Once a qualifying TOEFL Jr. or TOEFL score and the Family and Student Profile piece of the application (which includes a parent statement) have been submitted by the family and received by Fay School, the applicant will receive an email that includes instructions for their interview. Interviews cannot be scheduled before the Family and Student Profile and a TOEFL score have been received. (Click here to see our full applicant checklist for international students.)

Interviews will be conducted over Zoom, and generally take no more than 45 minutes. We do not offer in-person interviews. These interviews are designed for the student to attend alone, without anyone else in the same room with them, although we do provide time for an optional parent conversation (conducted in English), at the end of the session.

For those who qualify, Fay School will offer two dates for the interview appointment with the expectation that one of the offered appointments will be accepted, and that the appointment will be kept. We are unable to offer more than two options or to reschedule once appointments have been made. Those who do not accept one of the offered dates, or who do not attend at their scheduled time, may miss the opportunity to interview by the deadline as all other appointments may have been taken; if this happens, an appointment may be offered at a later date if there are still spaces available at Fay.

Important Dates

In order to be considered in the first, priority round of admissions, applicants from mainland China must submit their completed application by December 15, 2023.
NOTE THAT we highly recommend applicants submit their Family and Student Profile (the initial piece of the application) PRIOR to November 30, 2023, as we understand that personal information laws take effect on that day in China and may impact the ability to provide the information collected on that form.
Those who submit only a part of the application by December 15 may not be eligible to complete the process in time for a first, priority round decision, so it is very important that the entire, completed application be submitted on time.
Applications will be accepted on a space-available basis after December 15, but please know that in recent years Fay has not accepted new applications after that deadline out of respect for the strong students on our waitlist who applied by the priority deadline.

main number 508-490-8250
admission 508-490-8201