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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

Applicants from Mainland China

TOEFL Testing

Fay School will be accepting applications from mainland China for the 2022-23 school year from boys and girls for grades 7 and 8. Each applicant is asked to submit results from the TOEFL JR., the TOEFL ITP PLUS, or the TOEFL.  A score of 850 or higher is required for the TOEFL JR.


An interview with a Fay School admission officer is a required part of a completed application. Once a TOEFL score and the Application for Admission form (which includes a parent statement) have been submitted by the family and received by Fay School, the applicant will receive an email that includes a link to sign up for a Fay interview. Interviews cannot be scheduled before the Application for Admission form and a TOEFL score have been received. (Click here to see our full applicant checklist for international students.)

Interviews will be conducted over Zoom.  These interviews run from October 1 through December 20. These interviews provide the choice to include an optional parent conversation (conducted in English), so if parents have questions about Fay or information they would like to share about their student during the interview, please feel free to join at the end of the session.

Important Dates

In order to be considered in the first, priority round of admissions, applicants from mainland China must submit their completed application by December 15, 2021. Applications will be accepted on a space-available basis after that date, but please know that in recent years Fay has not accepted new applications after that deadline out of respect for the strong students on our waitlist who applied by the priority deadline. The last day for interviews will be December 20, so it will be important for the application to be submitted in advance of that date.
main number 508-490-8250
admission 508-490-8201