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Fay Musicians Featured in CDMMEA Festival

Fay Upper School musicians are participating in this year’s Central District Massachusetts Music Educators Association (CDMMEA) Junior Districts on April 29 at Franklin High School. This audition-only music festival is the culmination of months of preparation as students audition, practice, and rehearse to perform with one of the festival’s four ensembles: the Concert Band, Chorus, Orchestra, or Jazz Band. This year, the festival accepted 24 Fay musicians - nine vocalists;  twelve violin, viola, and cello players; and three wind musicians playing the flute, French horn, and oboe. 

Fay students auditioned for ensemble spots in February, and those selected have been practicing their concert pieces in preparation for three large group rehearsals and the final concert. Vocalists and musicians have been practicing independently as well as working with Music Teachers Alison Manion and Trey Dugger. The Fay students participating in CDMMEA bring a range of experiences. While some students are used to playing with larger ensembles, like the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO) and the New England Conservatory (NEC) Prep, others may have never played with a group larger than their Fay ensemble. “They are being given music that is challenging and playing with an ensemble that is three to four times the size they are used to,” says Trey. “It’s a great opportunity, and with all the practice that is required, I see a huge improvement in many of the students.”

Another benefit of the CDMMEA experience is that musicians have the opportunity to work with different conductors. “They are walking into a rehearsal experience that feels a lot like college,” says Trey, “and they have to show up and be prepared, and there’s a lot of growth there.” Congratulations to the students selected to perform in the CDMMEA Junior Districts! Click here for the CDMMEA Concert schedule for April 29.
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