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Fight Song

Students in Music Teacher Lloyd Dugger’s Studio Recording elective have been learning about lyric-writing, composition, mixing, and recording in an assignment that challenged them to write a fight song inspired by Fay. Sampling text from “The Fay School Song,” written in the early 1900s, students echoed the traditional feel of Fay’s early fight song in a composition with spirit language that will be very familiar to students today. 
Writing the song from the beginning gave the students hands-on experience with every step of the music creation process. The song was a collaborative process, from brainstorming and discussing lyric ideas to trying out different chord progressions and workshopping their composition with instruments to find a sound they liked. Bringing their technical and musical talents to the project, the students worked on the laborious process of recording each piece of the song, incorporating real instruments, and then editing, mixing, and balancing the recording using the Logic Pro digital audio workstation. “The class moved at their pace, and I like that it’s organic in that respect,” says Lloyd. “The kids were fired up about this project!” At the final Morning Meeting of the school year, the class shared their song with the Upper School community. Click here to listen to a recording of their work.
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