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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

This Week at Fay: Water Park Designs, Digital Portfolios, and Super Suits in Science!

Primary School

With the Primary School Moving Up Ceremony on Thursday morning, students in Kindergarten through grade two only had three days of school this week. However, they certainly made their last week count as they finished curricular units and reflected on how much they have grown and learned over the year.

In Kindergarten, students posted videos on Seesaw sharing their tips for next year’s Kindergarteners. In Literacy, they wrote about something that they are proud of from this year, and on Wednesday they shared the All About Books that they wrote and illustrated. Students took turns reading their books and “teaching” their classmates everything that they had learned about birds, Star Wars, and Dentists! In math, it was the final Word Problem Wednesday, and all week long in Social Studies students worked on their Kindergarten Memory Books. Have you heard of the chicken challenge? Inspired by the Massachusetts College of Art challenge to create a chicken from items found around the house, Mrs. Blais challenged Primary students to create a moose this week and share it on Seesaw. Students had their last Live classes with Mr. Wong in P.E. and Mr. Montgomery in Music. On Thursday morning, Kindergartners celebrated the end of a successful year with a breakfast pajama party with their teachers!

In first grade, students wrote about their favorite memory from the year, and in math, they played a variety of math games to review all the different concepts that they have learned. First graders also started work on a summer design challenge to design and build a new water park feature. Some students have already posted their creations on Seesaw! Mrs. O’Donnell also shared a summer STEAM bucket list with lots of challenges for the summer from building a solar oven to cook a hotdog to writing and performing a play. In World Languages, Ms. Overstreet read students Les Mots Magique, and asked students to pick out a few magic words in French to teach someone at home.

Second graders were working very hard in their last week as members of the Primary School. Mrs. Knuppel started the week by sharing a video tour of the two second-grade classrooms. Even though students couldn’t say goodbye in person, they were able to visit some of their favorite places in the classroom one last time. In Literacy, students did a “squiggle” writing activity. Students made a squiggle mark on a page and used it to inspire a drawing. Based on the drawing, second graders could choose to write a poem, paragraph, or story. Second-grade mathematicians spent their final week of school partitioning rectangles. They finished their tour of Massachusetts with a virtual trip to Cape Cod and the Islands (a great way to start the summer!) Now that they have toured the entire state of Massachusetts, students made Flipgrid videos sharing where they want to visit the most. In science, second graders finished one final project creating comic strips showing how habitats can change over time. 

On Thursday morning, the Primary School community celebrated the accomplishments of the second graders, who are moving up to Lower School next year. Each student was recognized individually, and after the Zoom ceremony, second graders stayed behind to share a sweet treat together in the ice cream bowls that Mrs. Knuppel had delivered to their homes earlier this week. Congratulations to all the second graders and Primary School students and have a great summer!
Lower School
Third-grade scientists were working very hard in their last week of school as Mr. McCauley made them the teachers! Students finished their study of the solar system by researching the Kuiper Belt. Then, they make Flipgrid videos “teaching” Mr. McCauley all about it. In Social Studies, third graders continued their travels through the West by exploring the non-contiguous U.S. states of Hawaii and Alaska.
In math, fourth graders finished up the year by working on multi-step multiplication story problems. In reading, they finished Tuck Everlasting and wrote book reports. In science, students had to design a Super Suit based on the characteristics of some of the different living things they had observed in their biodiversity plots. Would they want a protective exoskeleton like a beetle or tree climbing skills like a squirrel? Using their Super Suit Planning Document they listed all the characteristics of their suit and what real-life creature inspired them. 
Fifth graders finished reading The Breadwinner this week and made Flipgrid videos explaining how they would incorporate some science into their summer fun. In Mr. Kimball’s Visual Art class, students wrote a haiku poem that described their experience this term, and then created a piece of original art that captures the feeling of the poem.
For sixth graders the final week of school was bittersweet as they’ll be moving on to Upper School next year. They finished reading Wolf Hollow and their unit on dividing decimals. In Mr. Claire’s art class, for a fun final assignment, students were asked to imagine that they had inherited a pub in England and had to change the name and redesign the sign. Incorporating their favorite animal, students designed and created the signage for exotic destinations like The Peacock Tavern and The Chubby Bunny!
On Friday morning, the Lower School faculty, students, and families gathered on Zoom for the Lower School Closing Exercises. This event celebrated the accomplishments of students in all the grades and particularly the sixth graders and their time in Lower School. After the ceremony, sixth grade students stayed behind for a virtual class celebration. They shared ice cream and other treats in the bowls that Mrs. Schuster had delivered to their homes earlier this week. Congratulations sixth graders and have a great summer!
Upper School
Upper School students spent their final week of the term reflecting on their work across the disciplines. Each student compiled a digital portfolio with samples of work from each of their core in addition to optional samples from service-learning, visual arts, music, athletics, Creators, and Wellness. Over the course of this week, students met with their advisors, who guided them through the process of choosing samples of their work and writing reflections on each assignment or project. These portfolios will help advisors evaluate and assess student progress with regards to content knowledge as well as essential habits of mind. It is also a way for students to reflect on the challenges and successes of the term and celebrate their hard work. On Friday morning, students shared their digital portfolios in their final advisory meeting of the year. 
On Saturday, Fay celebrated the Upper School Closing Ceremony. The ceremony includes awards for academics, athletics, service, and character typically given at Prize Day and Commencement, as well as student reflections, readings, and a musical performance. This event was followed by an airing of the ninth grade video which celebrates their journey together as a class. Congratulations to Fay’s ninth grade students and to all Upper School students on a successful year!

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