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Latin Students Perform Puppet Show for Primary School

"Salvete, parvi discipuli!" On Monday morning, Latin teacher Emily Gifford welcomed Primary School students to the Latin puppet show of Ovid's Metamorphoses with the greeting, "hello, small students!" The annual puppet show is an opportunity for Latin students to share their love of the Latin language and culture with Primary students. For many of Fay's youngest students, it was likely the first time they had heard spoken Latin!

The Metamorphoses is an epic narrative of the history of the world that contains over 250 myths. It is a seminal work in western culture, serving as the inspiration for other famous writers, including Shakespeare and Chaucer. Working in small groups, Latin students narrated and acted out select tales using handmade figures and puppets against a slideshow backdrop that set the scene for each story. The students performed the tragic love story of Pyramus & Thisbe, the cautionary tale of Daedalus & Icarus, the unrequited love story of Apollo & Daphne, and finally, Baucis & Philemon, a parable on the importance of kindness.

Primary Schoolers delighted in hearing the stories and seeing the puppets and scenery that the older students had created for the show. From "being kind to strangers" to "always listen to your parents," Fay's youngest students could relate to many of the moral values that the Romans cherished.