The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

Sharing Books Across the World

Seventh grader Emma D. ‘21 ran a successful fundraising drive this spring to purchase books for the residents of the Daliang Mountain region in China. While her family has been supporting impoverished families in this region for a long time, Emma wondered what she personally could do to help. “My brother and parents have had first-hand experience of their environment,” she says. “They need to travel very far to get to school and their living conditions are poor with little access to the outside world.” Emma began by writing a series of pamphlets about her experience in the west but soon realized that what residents really needed was books. Emma reached out to friends, family, and Fay classmates about her desire to help and started collecting donations, some in increments as small as $2.00. After only six days, Emma had raised $900. While that is an impressive sum, books are expensive and Emma was fortunate to also visit the book sale at the Southborough Public Library. When the library learned of her plan, they donated 70 gently used elementary reading level books like The Giving Tree and Frog and Toad. Emma hopes to deliver the books to the Daliang Mountain region this summer and also share how much reading has impacted her.