The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

New Studio Recording Elective

Starting this fall, students in eighth and ninth grade who have completed Basic Musicianship have the opportunity to sign up for a new Studio Recording class, where they will learn the basics of creating digital music using programs like GarageBand, Logic Pro, Audacity, and live sound equipment. Six students are enrolled in the inaugural class taught by music teacher Lloyd Duggar. Studio Recording meets twice a rotation and gives students practice at recording their own music as well as serving the wider Fay community by helping students applying out to secondary schools record their work, setting up sound for live events on campus, and providing music recordings for other projects on campus. A small upstairs room in Reinke was converted over the summer into a Digital Recording Studio for students to use. To help prepare for the class, Lloyd attended an Audio Production Workshop at Berklee College of Music in June where they studied mixing, mastering, and sampling. “Recording music is a passion,” says Lloyd. “I  love working with microphones, amplifiers, and gear and I’m excited to share that passion with students.”