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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA
Fay Magazine: Fall 2016

DMW Profiled in Edible Boston

Fay ninth graders' final project for Diagnosing the Modern World was chronicled in Boston's foodie magazine.
We are excited to announce that Fay’s elective for ninth graders, Diagnosing the Modern World (DMW), is featured in the Winter 2016 issue of Edible Boston, a publication that covers the food scene in and around Boston. DMW is co-taught by faculty members Emily and Tim McCauley and educates students on topics of global resonance, from water resources and energy usage to food production, availability, and sustainability.
Edible Boston visited campus last spring to profile DMW’s final project, which requires students to design and cook a meal that is affordable, tasty, and economical for a family of four while also considering the sustainable sourcing of its ingredients. Students worked in small groups to design and prepare their meals and then presented them to a panel of guest judges that included Sarah Blackburn, Edible Boston’s managing editor. Many students chose to cook dishes that reflected their cultural heritage, such as Mexican tortillas or fresh Thai spring rolls. Edible Boston will profile the project and include several of our students’ recipes. To read the profile of the DMW food project, visit
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