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Singer-Songwriter Eric Chou ‘10 Releases Second Album

Eric Chou '10, already a viral music sensation in Taiwan, has released his second album What Love Has Taught Us.
Eric Chou ’10 has been making a splash on the Taiwanese music scene since releasing his debut album My Way to Love through Sony Music Taiwan in 2014.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Eric moved to Boston when he was 12 years old to attend Fay. After graduating from Northfield Mount Hermon School, he moved back to Taiwan, and his career quickly took off. Discovered while singing at the wedding of a family friend, Eric signed with Sony and began composing and recording the 11 tracks that were featured on his debut album.

His breakout moment came when he composed the smash hit “Let’s Not be Friends in the Future,” which was featured on the original soundtrack for the Taiwanese television drama The Way We Were. His music video for “Let’s Not Be Friends” went viral and to date has over 69 million views.  Eric recently released his second album, What Love Has Taught Us. Music from both his albums is available on iTunes. Congratulations, Eric!