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Middle School at Fay

Discover the Fay difference for your child's middle school years.

Fay's middle school program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of early adolescence, and our students learn and grow in an environment of care and respect, while developing essential life skills that foster independence and self-confidence. Read below to discover some of the many benefits of middle school at Fay.

Growing Independence
Our middle school students become more responsible, well-organized, and independent with the support and supervision of dedicated teachers and advisors. When our students move on to secondary school, they often find that the self-reliance, independence, and confidence that they developed here makes them better equipped to thrive in a high school setting.

Expert Secondary School Counselors
After attending Fay, many students go on to enroll in top secondary schools. Our dedicated team of secondary school counselors works closely with parents to help them find schools that are a good match for their child. Our counselors also guide students as they write their applications and help them prepare for the all-important secondary school interview. (You can see the list of where our students attend secondary school here.)
A Balanced Approach
At Fay, we employ a “whole-child” approach that addresses every aspect of student development, from classroom learning to physical and emotional well-being. We focus on helping students learn how to be good students and good people.

Innovative Curriculum and New Perspectives
As an independent school, we are able to design and implement a curriculum that challenges and inspires our students. In small classes, Fay students learn to explore ideas from different perspectives, think critically, and develop their own interpretations of the material. Through our Creativity and Design program, our students engage in hands-on, real-world design projects in partnership with companies like Converse, Bose, and Barnes and Noble.

A Diverse Student Population

Walk the halls of Fay, and you’ll see global learning in action. Our 150 boarding students (seven-day and five-day boarding are options to students in grades 7-9) come from across the globe, and our students have the unique opportunity to make meaningful friendships with peers from around the world.

A Web of Support
Our students thrive in our connected community—a web of supportive adults who develop a deep understanding of each student’s needs. Every student has a point person and a home base for checking in.

Vox Inventum
Throughout their time at Fay, our students participate in Vox Inventum (“Find Your Voice”), a school-wide program developed by our faculty that fosters public speaking and presentation skills, fosters self-advocacy and organizational skills, and emphasizes effort, civility, and kindness.

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