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School Programs


Fay School values the arts as a part of each student’s educational experience. From Pre-Kindergarten through grade nine, students engage in music, visual art, and drama instruction led by experienced practitioners who build upon the innate creativity and curiosity within each child and allow them to give artistic expression to emotions and ideas. These experiences allow students to observe and respond to the world around them in creative ways not possible in other disciplines. Fay’s arts instruction stimulates children’s emotional intelligence and allows them to discover the joy of self-expression, critical thinking, adaptability, collaboration, and problem solving.  From a pre-kindergartner’s first music class learning how to make different sounds, to a fifth grader improvising and directing her peers on stage, to ninth graders putting on an art show with their work on public display, Fay students are challenged to use the arts to explore their world. With a solid foundation from Fay, it is our hope that our graduates will be life-long participants and supporters of the arts.