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School Programs


Educating through Art and Music


The arts play a major role in the Fay educational experience. Children’s innate love of art and music helps them focus and become more engaged as learners. Our teachers use this love of the arts to foster a wide range of intellectual and creative skills. Art and music are fun, filled with possibilities, and are an essential part of a broad and balanced education.


As with all parts of the Fay program, we take care to ensure that our arts curriculum is age-appropriate and accessible to every student. In the visual arts, the youngest children color, draw, and sculpt with clay. Older students are encouraged to extend their artistic skills to new levels as they begin developing a deeper appreciation of fine art. In the Upper School, talented eighth and ninth grade students produce compelling and advanced works of art and make full use of the School’s extensive studio facilities and exhibition spaces.


In our music program, the youngest students explore music through play and games. Older students have choices: they may play in a band or orchestra, participate in our handbell choir, sing in an ensemble, or take private lessons. At every age, music is a enriching part of the Fay experience.

The dramatic arts are one of the many ways we help students develop the confidence and skills to be effective public speakers. In the younger grades, children perform plays written by their teachers. Each student gets a part; everyone has the opportunity to be recognized and applauded. Older students produce a musical each year and participate in all aspects of the production, from singing, dancing, and acting, to creating costumes and building sets.