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Boarding (7-Day & 5-Day)

Fay is a “home away from home” for our residential students. We strive to create a family atmosphere based on respect for one’s self and for others. We live, learn, and grow together with guidance and supervision from dedicated teachers and staff, the majority of whom live on campus.
Through the residential program, we get to know students in many different settings—in class, at meal times, on weekend trips, on campus, and at social gatherings. Friendships formed at Fay are deep and lasting. Graduates often return to their beloved private boarding school in Massachusetts to relive happy memories of their time living at Fay and visit former classmates, coaches, and teachers.
The Fay community is an eclectic mix of many different backgrounds and experiences. Day students and boarding students come together to forge and maintain relationships with peers from various cultures and perspectives. Students gain an appreciation and respect for the diversity and varying viewpoints that make the community strong and vibrant.
Our residential facilities, including the new Village Dorms, are comfortable, well supervised, and designed with purpose. An adult is present at all times to engage students in conversations, answer questions, resolve issues, and provide guidance on numerous topics. Kindness, civility, and respect for others are unwavering expectations. As the nation’s oldest private boarding school for grades seven through nine, we take pride in the experience, reputation, and caring approach we offer.