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Boarding Parents

End of Year Storage and Shipping Information

Students will soon begin packing their belongings to take/send home or to be sent to their new secondary schools. Students are expected to completely empty and clean their rooms before departing campus for the summer.

All boxes must be moved to an on-campus storage location or moved to the Upjohn Building for UPS shipping or storage by the evening of Friday, June 9th.

Students returning to Fay in September are welcome to store some items on campus over the summer vacation. Students are welcome to store the following items:
  • School and organizational supplies (i.e., pencil cases, binders, paper trays)
  • Small lamps
  • Sports equipment
All items must be stored in a box and clearly labeled with the student’s name. Each child is able to store up to two (2) boxes on campus over the summer.

Please note: we are unable to store clothes or bedding at Fay over the summer months. 

If you would like to arrange international and/or domestic shipping OR summer storage, we recommend you contact our local UPS store. Most secondary schools cannot store student belongings over the summer. The UPS store is able to store belongings for the summer and ship them to secondary schools before opening day.

Parents should complete and submit the online UPS order form as soon as possible.
Please note that you will be charged for all boxes ordered even if you do not use all the boxes. If you need to ship or store an atypical item (i.e., skis, artwork, floor lamps, etc.), please contact the store directly and they can assist with your packing needs. If you have any additional questions, please contact:
UPS Store Hudson, MA
Telephone: 978.568.1786
Fax: 978.568.1788