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Alternate Travel Options

Alternate Travel Options

Campus is closed for the entire duration of our school vacations. If you are unable to have your child travel home over the vacation, please use the resources below to coordinate alternate arrangements.

Fay-Sponsored Trips

Optional educational trips are offered to day and boarding students over Midwinter Weekend and Spring Vacation. Space is limited on both trips. Details of the cost and trip itineraries are provided in advance. 

Homestay Options

While we do not endorse any of these programs, we do hope to provide you with information to contact local organizations that host international students during school vacations. Please contact each of these organizations directly to make arrangements.

Colibri Boston
Colibri Boston offers nice dorm-style accommodations for international students in the heart of Boston. They design a variety of activities that cater to each child while also enriching students’ academic and cultural interests. For more information, please contact Colibri Boston. 

• Address: 955 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 327, Cambridge, MA 02139
• Telephone: 617.301.­1237
• Email:
• Website:

Lexington Prep School
Lexington Prep School’s vacation program offers students an opportunity to use their break time productively. Students will stay on the school’s campus and can choose from one of their many programs. For more information, contact Lexington Prep School.

• Address: 265 Lowell Street, Lexington, MA 02420
• Telephone: 781.860­.7550

Student Cultural Exchange
Student Cultural Exchange offers immersion-based travel opportunities for students over school vacations. For more information, please contact Student Cultural Exchange directly. 

• Address: 3581 Westminster West Rd, Putney, VT 05346
• Telephone: 888.282.­3843

Boston Homestay Inc.
Boston Homestay Inc. is a homestay placement service for international students. They offer the opportunity for international students to live with an American family in the Greater Boston area. For more information, please contact Boston Homestays Inc.

• Address: 48 Taylor Street, Needham, MA 02494
• Telephone: 781.449.­9733
• Email: