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Parenting During COVID-19

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  • Planning a Fun and Safe Summer: Five Things to Look for in a Summer Camp

    Feb 24, 2021
    Parents are looking ahead to this summer with a glimmer of hope, but a lot of lingering questions. While there is a growing sense that kids will be able to participate in some normal activities like camp this summer, there is still plenty of uncertainty over the timing of vaccinations and the health and safety protocols that will need to be in place for programs to operate safely. The good news is that while we won’t be able to completely banish concerns over COVID, we are heading into this summer with a lot more information about the preventative and behavioral strategies that work to keep the virus in check. 
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  • Six Tips For Helping Your Child Navigate the Long Slow Return to Normalcy

    While struggling with their own pandemic fatigue, parents are seeing the toll this extended experience is taking on children and are looking for ways to ease their stress and anxiety. At Fay, where Lower School students are at school in-person and have been throughout the fall, Head of Lower School Lainie Schuster has been observing the effects of this experience on her students. She shares her advice for parents on nurturing resilience in their children as they help them navigate the next few months.
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  • Seven Tips for Acing a Virtual Secondary School Interview

    While the fundamentals of preparing for a secondary school interview haven't changed, there's an added layer of complexity to navigate this year. With most secondary school interviews taking place virtually, students who used to worry about losing their train of thought now have to worry about losing their wifi connection as well!

    However, with a little extra planning, your student can make a great impression in their virtual interview. Fay's secondary school counseling team has decades of experience preparing students for admission interviews. We gleaned their best tips and advice for turning your child's virtual secondary school interview into a real asset to their application.
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  • Four Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe with Screen Time on the Rise

    May 5, 2020
    With schools moving to distance learning and families stuck at home, many media outlets are ready to call a winner in the long-running screen time battle between parents and kids. You guessed it, it’s the kids!
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  • Parenting a Distance Learner Versus Home Schooling: Tips to Support Your Child and Save Your Sanity

    Apr 21, 2020
    As parents tackle the unexpected challenges posed by COVID-19 - like stay-at-home advisories, a disrupted work schedule, lack of childcare, and lost sleep and anxiety over health and finances - the added pressure to keep children on track academically during remote learning can seem overwhelming. Opinion pieces like, “Why I Refuse to Run a Coronavirus Homeschool,” and “What’s Lost in the Rush to Online Learning,” are cropping up in the media and reinforcing the sense that parents are being asked to do too much right now.
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  • Spreading Kindness from Home: Five Ways Your Child Can Help

    Mar 25, 2020
    Maybe it’ll be the canceled birthday party, the baseball games wiped off the calendar, or just the third successive rainy day stuck at home, but there will be a point - or two - in the coronavirus self-quarantine when your child feels really sorry for themselves. As parents, it’s important to acknowledge those disappointments. After all, we feel them too! However, it is equally important to help your child put those frustrations into perspective and remind them that there are plenty of things that kids can do from home right now to make a difference in their community.
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  • The No-School Survival Guide: Six Tips To Create the Structure Your Kids Are Craving

    Mar 21, 2020
    Is there anything better than a snow day? You sleep in, wear your pajamas until noon, let the kids play a little too much Xbox and graze on junk food. It’s fine because it’s just for one day, right? Well, what happens when you are suddenly looking at days, weeks, or months of unstructured time at home?
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