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Kindergarten - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

Penguins on Parade

Did you know that there are seventeen different types of penguins? That is just one of the facts that first grade students learned as they researched, wrote, and illustrated books about penguins this term.

The penguin project allows first-grade scientists to work on their nonfiction reading and note-taking skills. Using graphic organizers to support their note-taking, students dove into various penguin-themed books. They started with a graphical organizer that helped students visualize the most critical information, and then they isolated “five amazing facts.” In some cases, this included information about what penguins eat, the different varieties of penguin species, where they live, and the adaptations that help them live in their environment. After students had identified the most essential and exciting pieces of penguin information, they carefully wrote out the information using their best handwriting and created illustrations to accompany each fact. First grade Molly N. chose to write about the penguins’ home in Antarctica and shared the surprising fact that mother penguins lay their eggs and then leave them for several months. The writing and illustration process required complete focus and concentration, and first graders set up cardboard “offices” around their desks to help them stay focused. Once students completed their pages and created a book cover, they gave them to teachers Kelly Porter and Jill Gibbons to be officially bound. 

After spring break, first graders will read their books to their fourth grade reading buddies and gather to share them with their parents at a Penguin Book Publishing Party!
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