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Lower School Participates in Afternoon of Service

Lower School students participated in an afternoon of service on Wednesday, September 25, donating their time and hard work for the benefit of the Fay community. Each grade had a different task for the afternoon highlighting the wide variety of ways there are to give back to the community.

Third graders took a “recycling tour” of campus, where they learned about the different recycling systems that are in place in each building, sorting misplaced items, and tracking the lifecycle of recyclable material from start to finish at Fay.

Fourth grade students learned about Fay’s water usage. Led by Lower School science teacher Tim McCauley, students toured the school’s water treatment plant and tracked water usage at the school’s water fountains.

The theme for fifth and sixth grade students was campus beautification. Homevisory groups worked with the facilities and maintenance staff to clean up and plant flowers in the Primary School patio, clean scuff marks throughout the Root Building, plant mums around campus signs, pick up trash around the Parkerville Fields, and wash and clean campus signs. One group of students also worked with the Sage Dining staff to prepare Lower School snack for the remainder of the week. 

Through the Lower School Afternoon of Service, students explored the three main tenets of the Service Learning Program at Fay: empathy, purpose, and connection. “Lower Schoolers are learning empathy for what it takes to keep our school operating every day, learning that they can have a purpose and make a difference. They’re also building connections with the staff on campus,” says Fay’s Service Learning Coordinator Craig Ferraro. “I hope they feel accomplished knowing that they did something to give back to the community and that this experience will spark a desire to come up with new ways to help our community going forward.”