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About Fay@Home

For the three weeks between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Vacation, Fay will not hold in-person classes on campus. Instead, all day students and those boarding students who are able will transition to Fay@Home, a full-day, fully-remote academic program that is designed to mirror as closely as possible our in-person program.

Our Distance Learning Program (DLP) for boarding students will continue for those students currently enrolled in DLP; boarding students who were on campus this fall but who cannot participate in Fay@Home because of their home time zone may be assigned to our Distance Learning Program instead.

These resource pages provide information and guidelines for Fay@Home. Our primary goal is to maintain the quality of the Fay School experience and
to keep students connected, engaged, and supported. 


What is Fay@Home?

While Fay@Home bears some resemblance to the Distance Learning Program we provided last spring, there are some significant differences:

  • Fay@Home will offer a full, structured, synchronous school day from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm EST for all day students in Kindergarten through grade 9 and those boarding students who are in an appropriate time zone.
  • The school day will include daily live lessons with Fay’s faculty. Just as with our in-person classes, these lessons will include a mix of whole-class instruction, small-group work, skill reinforcement, project time, assessments, and some one-on-one time. This is NOT a live-streaming program; rather, it is an academic program that is specifically adapted to harness the best of what Zoom rooms and interactive online learning have to offer.
  • Students will continue to participate in all of the classes on their schedule, including art, music, world languages, Wellness, Creators, and P.E.
  • Because we know that it is not developmentally appropriate to require students to be online for a full seven hours each day, the schedule will include breaks for recess and lunch as well as structured times to work offline on independent assignments and projects.

Fay@Home - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Your regular testing program indicates that cases of COVID-19 on campus have been almost nonexistent. Why are you transitioning to a remote program?

    We have made the decision to transition to a remote program for the three weeks between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break because we believe this is the best way to maintain the health and wellbeing of all of our students, faculty, and staff. We predict that many families will  travel during the Thanksgiving Break, and the short window between the two breaks would make it difficult to ensure accurate testing and quarantine of all those who travel to areas identified as “higher risk” by the Massachusetts Travel Order. The onset of flu season in New England is another compelling reason for us to transition to a remote program for this period. These factors have led us to conclude that it would be difficult for us to control the spread of illness in our community during that three-week period.
  • What materials will my child need for Fay@Home?

    Before we depart for Thanksgiving Vacation, all students will bring home the materials they will need for the three weeks of Fay@Home, including textbooks and workbooks, notebooks, math manipulatives, science supplies, and sketchbooks and art supplies.
  • What technology will my child need for Fay@Home?

    All students will need a device with Internet access for attending class and submitting work. Upper School students can continue to use the laptops they have been using since the start of school; Lower School students will take home their currently assigned Chromebooks; Primary School students will be loaned a Fay Chromebook. Our Tech Team will be available throughout the Fay@Home session to troubleshoot and provide support.
  • Will students be changing teachers or class sections?

    In the Primary and Lower School, class assignments will not change. In Upper School, students may be temporarily reassigned to new sections to address scheduling conflicts or accommodate students in different time zones.
  • Will grading systems change?

    No. Students will still receive letter grades and effort grades as they do for in-person learning.
  • Will my Primary/Lower student be able to work independently? How will my child be ready to do a remote program?

    In the coming weeks, our Primary and Lower School teachers will be working with the students to help them prepare for the transition to Fay at Home. They will practice logging on and uploading their work to either Seesaw or Google Classroom as appropriate.
  • My child has been assigned to Distance Learning from November 30 to December 18. What will that program be like?

  • What will the athletic program look like?

    Fay at Home students will participate in a modified athletics program: K-4 will have two required PE classes per week, and grades 5-9 will have three required P.E. classes per week. These classes will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous experiences so students are able get outside and move.
  • What if my child needs extra help from a teacher?

    Scheduled sessions will be available so students can ask homework questions and get additional assistance from teachers.
  • Will Learning Services continue?

    If Learning Services is already a regular part of your child’s schedule, your child will still meet with their learning specialist for an equivalent time each week.
  • Is dress code required?

    Dress code is not required for Fay@Home, though students should dress appropriately for learning.
  • My boarding student was on campus this fall. Will they be participating in Fay@Home or Fay’s Distance Learning Program?

    Fay@Home is offered to all day students and to any boarding students who live in time zones that make it possible to participate in a full-day, live, synchronous program. If your boarding student lives in a time zone where such participation is not possible, they should select Fay’s Distance Learning Program. We will be sending out a selection form to all boarding students in the coming weeks.
  • Will in-person teaching and learning resume in January?

    Yes. Assuming that conditions in Massachusetts continue to be favorable, we fully intend to resume in-person teaching and learning for all day students and all boarding students who are able to come to campus. Our protocol for returning in January will be very similar to our reopening plan in September, with required testing for all students, faculty, and staff within 72 hours of the start of classes.  Our plan for returning in January is as follows:

    • Monday, January 4 - Testing on campus available for boarding students
    • Tuesday, January 5 - Professional development day for faculty and staff; testing available on campus for day students
    • Wednesday, January 6 - Professional development day for faculty and staff; boarders return to campus between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm
    • Thursday, January 7 - Return to campus for faculty, staff, and students; in-person classes resume for all day students and boarding students who are able to come to campus

    Please note that we will continue to monitor local conditions closely, and if necessary, our remote program will continue in January.
  • Will there be any refunds?

    Boarding students will receive prorated refunds for room and board for the three-week period between Thanksgiving Vacation and Winter Vacation. There will be no other refunds.
  • Will meals be available?

    No. Dining Services will be closed from November 20 through January 4.
  • Will in-person Thanksgiving Camp or Winter Vacation Camp be available?

    No. In-person Thanksgiving Camp and Winter Vacation Camp have been cancelled for this year.
  • Will the Early Learning Center be open?

    Yes. The Early Learning Center will remain open on its regular schedule.


Julie Porrazzo
Director of the Educational Program

Katie Knuppel

Head of Primary School

Lainie Schuster
Head of Lower School

Sarah Remsberg

Head of Upper School

The Tech Team is available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. To contact us, please call 508-658-2281 or click the button above.  For needs outside of these hours, please send email to with details about your issue and the best times to contact you.